11 January 2013 (Friday) - Me and my Girl...

The original plan for today was a third day in London. Fortunately I concluded my business there yesterday. That gave me today free, and saved me fifty quid in train fares which will pay for a fun trip to London in a couple of week's time. So, with a day to myself I set the laundry washing whilst I had some brekkie. I checked out what was going on in the world, and was alarmed to find that in another blog and in another plane of reality and half way across the world Gary was having difficulties with his knob. Gary has my sympathies; knobs can be troublesome at the best of times.

"Daddies Little Angel TM" arrived with Sid. I thought she was in her jim-jams, but apparently it was a "onesie". I'm reliably informed that they are all the rage. What do I know?
We got Fudge ready for the off, and we went for a walk. Down to Park Farm, up along my new short cut into South Willesborough, Frog's Island and home. We suspected it would be muddy after Park Farm so we blagged some carrier bags to make makeshift wellies. We had an episode when Fudge wouldn't stop shouting at the horses, and then my phone went mad and randomly phoned "My Boy TM" who spent five minutes listening to me and the most recent fruit of my loin chatting.

Home; a quick cup of coffee, and we tidied the living room some more. I got behind the sofa and had a muck-out. I found six cushions we never use. I found two old lap-tops that I never knew we had. I found loads of escaped socks and loads of jigsaw puzzles. It's amazing what accumulates behind sofas when you aren't staying alert.
I then took the Dyson apart in an attempt to get the thing to suck again. I put my telescope into the bag I got for it last July. And then with "Daddies Little Angel TM" off out visiting friends I sat on the sofa with both dogs and we all fell asleep and stayed asleep until she came home. It was late and dark when she got back; she got her things (and Sid) together and set off back to whence she came. And with her and Sid gone, Fudge sobbed. It was pitiful; he ran to all the doors and the windows looking for them, and he actually sobbed.

I carried on tidying, and "er indoors TM" came and went. Not being in London today I had hoped to spend the day in front of the telly. I got to slob in front of the telly about 8pm in the end...

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