2 January 2013 (Wednesday) - On The Buses

Over the last couple of days I've whinged about feeling grotty. I think I've developed a chest infection. Can't say that I'm keen on it, but such is life. I slept well last night; which is probably due to this illness (!) Over a spot of brekkie I watched an (incredibly) old episode of "On The Buses". For those of my loyal readers who are unaccustomed to Butler and Blakey, "On The Buses" was rather dire sit-com from the 1970s. It used to be hilarious when I was a child. Sadly the years haven't been kind to it.
Interestingly the actor who played the morose ticket inspector is still going strong, but the one who played the chirpy bus conductor finally successfully gassed himself after several failed attempts. And the actress who played the fat ugly sister was once a professional stripper and went on to to be the fall guy for Roland Rat.
I suppose there is a moral in there somewhere...

Before I leave for work in the cold winter mornings I always look out of the windows to see if the cars are iced up. They weren't this morning. That is the cars outside the house weren't iced up. My car fifty yards down the road was covered in ice. What was that all about?
And so to work. A cold morning; and as I drove I listened to the radio. Trivia abounded on the news; Christmas was only a week ago, but it's now receded to a distant memory.

I was chatting with a colleague today; he was telling me that he retires in a couple of months time. He's quite looking forward to it. I had a quick think and worked out that if all remains as it currently is, then I have another eleven returns to work after the Christmas break until I can retire. It doesn't seem *that* long, does it?
Mind you, I have heard it said that God laughs when we make plans.
And with that in mind I projected my shift pattern forward in time until this coming September. And then booked holiday around the year's standard kiting and camping events. This may well be rather presumptuous as I'm not sure if any of them are going ahead this year, but it is as well to make plans as not.

And so home. Fudge was in an odd mood. He was in the garden when I got home, and wouldn't come i. When I eventually chased him in he seemed really sheepish. His ears were right back, and he looked incredibly guilty. I wonder what he's done. Once tea was scoffed (Tesco take out curry - very nice!) he jumped on my lap and slept. He was absolutely zonked out all evening.
I wonder why that dog seems so guilty and is so tired....

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  1. Hi Dave as you know wet on my first Geo the other day was rather disappoint not to see you there as you know I read your blog and made the occasional comment but was amazed after what you said on your blog the tenth cache we came across was in a children play area Maddi's PlayGround REVENGE if this has been ok surely the clue to location was in title cache, so double standers appear to be in place.