16 January 2013 (Wednesday) - Horse Burgers

Today's social media was all a-twitter with the (apparently) horrific revelation that traces of horse meat have been found in various meat products in national supermarkets. Personally I can't really see what the fuss is all about.
As for the carnivores amongst us, either one eats meat or one does not. Can one really be selectively carnivorous for any reason other than taste? I'm reminded of a cub who once claimed to be a vegetarian but would eat pork and beef because he didn't like pigs and cows, but he liked sheep so wouldn't eat lamb. I've eaten horse before - it was quite tasty. Other than somehow claiming the moral high ground, vegetarians are unaffected by this news, whilst glibly overlooking the fact that carrots are supposed to be purple - who of us really knows exactly what it is that we are eating?
Personally I can't help but wonder how horse meat was found in the burgers in question; how many burgers are tested for horse meat on a regular basis? The DNA testing that was done isn't cheap. How many other food substances are tested for other random (and harmless) food substances? And in these austere times how much it all costs?

It was very cold this morning so I insisted that Fudge wore his coat when we went out for our walk. He wasn't at all happy about wearing his coat; he would rather have shivered. But he had no choice in the matter. I forced him into his coat, and eventually he stopped sulking. We had quite a good walk despite the freezing fog. I think the cold weather had put other dog walkers off, and we had the park mostly to ourselves. Which was good. Mind you he seems to have forgotten his whistle training. Must work on that...

And then home where I continued tidying the living room. We have far too many candles. And then I stripped out all the clutter from under the stairs. I couldn't believe what I found. Brand new roller blades still with the shop tags on them. "Daddies Little Angel TM"'s painting overall from several years ago, and a dozen pairs of her shoes. More carrier bags than Tesco's have got. Kites and kettles. Odd gloves and odd socks. Paddling pools and picnic baskets. Several scarves. I have put back that which might be worth having, binned some of the more unwanted rubbish, and filled the table with stuff that "er indoors TM" can kiss goodbye at her leisure.

"My Boy TM" came round, and after a quick school run we went to the driving range. It was the first time I got to try out my new golf bats. I've not been to the driving range for a few weeks, and it showed. I'll get the hang of it again.
Back home, and once "er indoors TM" had returned home we set off to Folkestone to deliver shoes and overalls. We then took the dogs to the beach for a walk. They had a good run around, but Fudge disgraced himself by picking fights with two other dogs. I wish he wouldn't do that...

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