26 January 2013 (Saturday) -- A Family Day

After a rather good evening at the astro club I was rather late to bed last night. The morning was rather depressing. Having organised an extended family swim in honour of my father's birthday I spent a lot of time receiving messages from several people (including the guest of honour) backing out. So I took Furry Face for a walk to cheer myself up, and my piss boiled.
I've taken to blowing a whistle whenever I give Fudge a treat. He associates the sound with the goodie, and when he's off the lead the idea is that the whistle will call him back. Sometimes it works; sometimes it doesn't. It gets better with practice and reinforcement. We were practising this today in Bowens Field - it was working fairly well until some passing prat stuck his nose in. This twit called Fudge away and started fussing him when I was trying to call him myself. I politely suggested that the fellow shouldn't interfere when people are clearly doing dog training. The bloke seemed amazed that anyone wouldn't want their dog interfered with. Being already in a bad mood I'm ashamed to say that I saw red and told him the error of his ways. I felt a bit better for having vented my spleen. I should do it more often.

We came home, and then went round to Tesco's where it seemed to be "National Stare into Space Day". People were randomly stopping anywhere and just staring blankly. I got my shopping done, but if I had been there for five minutes more I would have taken to shoving these twits out of the way.

Home to unload shopping, and then to the sports centre for the planned family swim. I've not been in the family pool at the Stour Centre since it was rebuilt, and I must say I'm impressed. It's not the biggest pool, but it's really good. I especially liked the Lazy River. We swam and played for an hour or so, then came home where both fruits of my loin were waiting for us. We all had a really good hour or so swapping insults. Must do it more often.

And as the last of family set off into the sunset we went round to Bybrook barn to get fish to re-stock the tank. A ruby shark and some platys to be getting on with. They weren't cheap - four fish came to nearly ten quid.

"er indoors TM" went off to watch films, and I settled down in front of the telly when the phone rang. "My Boy TM" was in the pub up the road and wondered if I fancied a pint? Mild and a pickled egg went down very nicely. There's no denying that the fifth pint might have been a mistake though...

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