29 January 2013 (Tuesday) - Stuff

I logged all of what I'd scoffed on MyFitnessPal dot com last night, and was suitably under my calorie allowance. Lets see if I can keep this up.
I woke this morning with a terrible backacke and over a spot of brekkie I saw that the Teston squabble was still going on. The whole sorry tale was summed up this morning on Facebook: "For Sale - Something. Size - indeterminate. Colour - unspecified. Price - to be announced after you've bought it".

I'm now getting to the end of my tether with this whole sorry story, and I've emailed the organiser to find out what's going on. He seems to be rather oblivious of everyone's organising the event around him, but the official line is what we've all been told all along - there might or might not be an event at Teston in June. We know the possible weekend, but not the duration of the possible event. And we have absolutely no idea of the cost.
I like to organise my life as far in advance as is possible. There are other events going on that weekend. Folkestone airshow and geocache camps amongst others. To say nothing of staging a camp of our own. Any possible event at Teston in June is fast going to be left by the wayside.

"Daddies Little Angel TM" arrived with Sid, and as "er indoors TM" set off to work so we took the dogs on their morning constitutional. Bowens Field was still very flooded, and as we walked I took the opportunity to wind up the most recent fruit of my loin by searching for a geocache which had gone live in the area recently. “Duck in Distress” had been hidden by "er indoors TM" in memory of a little episode I had in the area some six years ago. Some of the more hardened of my loyal readers might recall the incident, but (as always) if you know where to look you might care to call up the entry for 20 September 2006.
Let’s just say that I was grateful not to be in the river this time.

We would have taken the dogs further, but the fields were waterlogged, so we came home, had a cuppa, then went up into town. With "Daddies Little Angel TM" taking the bus off to big school, I paid the astro club’s takings into the bank. Again I missed the perfect opportunity to embezzle the funds. I went to Wilkos to get the makings of some mild – I’ve committed to brewing eighty pints of the stuff for various episodes in April, but could only find enough ingredients to make forty pints. Oh well – they did say I can use the Internet to have them order the rest. I shall do that.
I then went looking for duck decoys (for no adequately explored reason) but was unable to find any. I shall have to rough it with a yellow bath duck.

Home, where I wound the dogs up a little, and then did a tip run. Over the years we’ve accumulated a load of computer components. We went through them the other day. The vast majority of them are now obsolete, so I’ve recycled them.
And then I had a quick spot of “diet lunch” whilst watching more Babylon 5 DVDs whilst both dogs slept on me. They are fine when asleep, but having two dogs awake proved to be hard work. Whilst they did what dogs do, I got that first batch of mild out of the tin and into the barrel. We all then had a crafty snooze before the Rear Admiral arrived to collect Sid and all his accessories. It was only after they'd gone that I realised that Sid's bed had been left behind.

Being Tuesday the clans gathered - this time at the Chrisery where we started season two of "Merlin". We played "spot the historical inaccuracies" (there were several), bandied insults, and then came home again. Good times.

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