9 January 2013 (Wednesday) - Geocaching in Lambeth

Today featured an even earlier start than usual; I was up and shaving at 5am. A quick episode of "South Park" and then I was off to the train station and on to the 6.13 to London. I don't like early morning trains - there is something soulless and impersonal about them.
I had a minor episode at Waterloo when I found myself stuck. I could not get out of the station. Eventually I found an exit, but it took some finding. I didn't fancy taking the tube; for all that it was drizzling, the tube at rush hour is horrible, so I walked into Lambeth to the day's business.
One day I will blog at length about what I was up to; but not today. (That's very cryptic of me, isn't it!)

I finished what I was up to at 4pm, and for want of anything better to do I activated my geocaching app. I was surprised at how few caches there were in the Lambeth area; far fewer than in Ashford. But enough to make the walk back to the station interesting. I found a cache celebrating Prince Albert in a park bearing his name. I found a cache in what I can only describe as "Albert Square". I found a cache celebrating Captain Bligh's birth place. I found a cache hidden in honour of a "Dexy's Midnight Runners" video. In all I found half a dozen of the things in an hour. All magnetic - there are those on the Facebook Kent Cacher's group who would lay eggs about that!

Having had problems getting out of Waterloo railway station this morning I then had problems finding the place this evening. I hate walking round the busier parts of London. No one is ever looking where they are going; randomly blundering wherever they fancy. I crashed into two people who just randomly stopped and then started walking backwards for no apparent reason. Fortunately I arrived on the platform only minutes before the train was due, however the train was full, and it was standing room only for half an hour until we got to Sevenoaks.

And following such an early start I spent much of the evening dozing. I hate that !!!

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