10 January 2013 (Thursday) - London Again

Another 5am start, another episode of "South Park", but today I took the 6.45am train to London. Half an hour later than yesterday. I took the scenic route to Lambeth along the Thames. Wonderful views of the houses of parliament and the London Eye as I went; and I found three geocaches along the way.
I got to my destination with quarter of an hour to spare. I shall again be cryptic as to exactly why I was in London. But I will say that it was worth going, and I read two James Bond books whilst I was at it.

As a teenager I was quite the fan of James Bond books. But I'm afraid that they haven't stood the test of time. James Bond was a character of his age. And now (fifty years later) the character comes over as patronising, sexist, and generally not likeable.
And the gadgets.... What was high-tech and mind-blowing in the 1960s is frankly antiquated today. Whilst I enjoyed reading "Thunderball" and "The Sky Who Loved Me" today, they came over more as reflections on life in the 1960s rather than the thrillers they were intended to be.

There's no denying that I had expected to be finished with my business in Kennington by 11am. So I was somewhat amazed when we didn't start until mid day, and were still going at 6pm. I had intended to walk from Kennington to Victoria during the late afternoon, picking up some geocaches as I went. But the late finish put paid to that idea, so I went straight to Waterloo as the train connection is quicker from there.

Home; where we had a rather good bit of curry and a bottle of "Good French Wine". You have to admire the cheek of whoever decided on the name of that wine. Hic...

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