3 March 2018 (Saturday) - Late Shift

I slept like a log last night. I did wake to hoik Treacle out of the bed in the small hours but if she had been still I wouldn’t have noticed her. (Note that’s “wouldn’t have” and not “wouldn’t of” – that annoys me!).
I would have had a rather good lie-in had Treacle not had a woofing fit at eight o’clock. That puppy barks at anything, and when there is nothing to bark at, she barks at that as well. When she barks, Fudge joins in, and when he joins in Treacle then thinks there is something to bark about, and the two of them wind each other up more and more. I got up if only to physically close my dog’s mouths.

I got up, my stomach was still tender. Over brekkie I peered into the Internet. Nothing much had happened on Facebook. Facebook is odd. I know that people are tuning in to it; when I post something it gets “likes”; but so often from people who do nothing but click “like” or just re-post stuff that is supposed to be witty or funny but isn’t. I wish people would post more original stuff. The whole point of Facebook is that I can be nosey.
I had a look at my emails. I had notifications of two jobs for which I would never dream of applying. Two more of the world’s top one per cent of geocachers had been announced. One deserving, one probably not. Amazon were trying to sell me that which I’d already bought from them, and I had an email from the power company. Now that (according to the forecasts) the worst of the weather has been and gone, they’ve sent out details of what to do in an emergency (!)

I put the leads on the dogs (no coats this morning) and we went round the park. I had hoped the Park Run people had cancelled today, and they had. We had a good walk, not slipping in the ice *too* much. Now that (hopefully) the worst of the snow had passed we now have the bit where there is ice and slush everywhere for a week or so.
The walk passed off relatively well, but Fudge did his usual trick of walking off with another group of dog-walkers just as we were about to leave the park. He *always* does that.
We got home just as "er indoors TM" was going out.  I had a little time to spare. I would have watched “The Crown” on Netflix but I watched the last episode of that last night. It was a rather good series. Rather than starting something new I had a go at a few geo-puzzles. I solved some; I failed with others.

I settled the dogs and set off to work. As I drove to work the pundits on the radio were interviewing the politician Jacob Reese-Mogg. Billed as being a potential Prime Minister he came over as something of a fatuous windbag in taking great pride in knowing just how much import duty there was on a pair of Nike Air-Max, whilst at the same time taking great pride in not knowing what a pair of Nike Air-Max actually was.

Windbag and friends were being interviewed on the tired old subject of Brexit. We all know that the country voted for it without knowing what it would actually entail. Not one person in a thousand knows what a customs union actually is... Can't we just accept we've made a monumental balls-up in having no idea what we were actually voting for and just get on with dealing with the consequences of that decision rather than just re-hashing the tired old arguments?

As I drove to work I was tailgated from Great Chart to Biddenden by a van of the UK Mail company. He finally flew past me at breakneck speed (in a 30mph zone) and overtook the car in front on a blind corner before flying off into the distance. As the Three Chimneys pub came into view I could see cars swerving to avoid this van. I thought about complaining to UK Mail, but I've complained about dangerous drivers in the past to no avail. Perhaps he was in a hurry?

I stopped off at Tesco to get some supplies; the place was heaving. So many people, not one looking where they were going, everyone oblivious to everyone else. Much like the driver of the UK Mail van, I expect.

Once at work I went to the canteen where I had a rather good bit of dinner. And from there I went on to have a rather busy afternoon. Busy but... I wouldn't say "enjoyable" but for the last year or so I've felt far more trusted to do my job than I had been for the previous five years. I knew that when I went home the person taking over from me wouldn't be double-checking everything I'd done looking to find fault.

I came home, a quick bit of scoff, and now it’s bed time. I’ve got to be at work before eight o’clock tomorrow morning…

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