21 March 2018 (Wednesday) - After the Night Shift

Last night’s night shift was amazingly quiet, which was probably for the best. Mind you I did feel rather worn out at the end of it.
I had a little smile as I drove home. Apparently the members of the Labour party are in disagreement. They’ve got plans for a policy that when creating shortlists of candidates for councilors or members of parliament they may well have all women candidates. Personally I think that idea sucks, but what do I know. However this idea is seen as discriminatory to the transgender community. Not to men at large (!) but purely to the transgender community.
I’m being politically correct here. There was some Labour party activist on the radio this morning that wasn’t. She went on Radio Four and said that if a man chooses to put on a dress, that doesn’t make him a woman. She went on to say that there is nothing in law to stop a bloke just announcing he wants to be a woman, putting on a dress, and going and sitting in the women’s changing rooms at the local sports centre to have a bloody good look. In fact stopping him/her/it from doing so breaches his/her/its human rights.
There was some transgendered Labour party member who rather than discussing the issue just kept parroting the phrase “transphobic”.
On the one hand some people are genuinely not at ease with their “birth gender”. On the other hand are men in dresses and those who are parroting the phrase “transphobic”. There is nothing like a reasoned discussion, and the squabble on the radio this morning was nothing like one.

I stopped off at the fishing tackle shop on the way home. What is it with fishing tackle shops? When you go into most of them you get the distinct feeling you are trespassing in someone else’s house. I’ve only ever rarely found a welcoming one.
I got the line I needed and hurried out.
I came home to find "Daddy’s Little Angel TM" and "Stormageddon - Bringer of Destruction TM" at home. Once "er indoors TM" set off to work we went for a little walk up to the park where we had fun. Messing about in the playparks, chasing squirrels, paddling in the river… Jake nearly got pushed into the fountain. We had a rather good time in the park.

After a couple of hours we came home. I decided that life is too short to waste asleep and put on an episode of “Star Trek”. After ten minutes I felt myself wilting so I turned it off and went to bed for much of the day.
I got up in the late afternoon and watched the end of that “Star Trek” episode I started watching earlier, then made a video from the footage I’d shot with my phone earlier. When the children were small I bought a video camera. It cost the best part of a thousand pounds and never survived being borrowed by my sister-in-law. Now your mobile phone comes with a built-in video camera which is superior in every way.

I dozed for much of the rest of the day….

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