17 MArch 2018 (Saturday) - Wedding Reception

I was sleeping like a log until nice-next-door started doing “noisy sex” just after seven o’clock. Interestingly amongst her squeals and groans she was shouting “Yes Oliver!”. Him-next-door is called Bradley. I wonder who Oliver is, and if he survived the ordeal.
Bearing in mind that my dogs bark at the slightest provocation I’m amazed that they just sleep through nice-next-door’s porno extravaganzas. I wish I could.

I had a look-see at the Internet as I scoffed my toast. Bearing in mind that today is St Patrick’s Day, seemingly everyone on Facebook was pretending that they were Irish. Everyone does on St Patrick’s Day. Everyone makes out there is some vague tenuous family connection to the Emerald Isle so that they can go get drunk in Guinness (which they also pretend to love).
My deceased father-in-law really was Irish. And I can’t stand Guinness.

I spent a few minutes doing the admin on my trackables. For those who’ve never “moved one on” a trackable can be absolutely anything. You attach a little tag to it, and people move it from one geocache to the next and record that they have done so. It is a bit of silliness to add to the already daft notion of rummaging under a hedge for a sandwich box. However, these trackables tend to go missing. People find them and keep them. Over the years I’ve released a dozen trackables into the wild. Seven had already been marked as missing, and this morning I marked two more as having gone, never to be seen again. Of the remaining four, I suspect two more have also gone – I’ve messaged the people who supposedly have them but my hopes aren’t high.
I’ve got all sorts of things I could set up as trackables, but the tags with which you record them cost a fiver. Spending a fiver on something which will just vanish… can’t be arsed.

Despite the weather forecast we took the dogs for a little walk. First of all into the town centre; there was a little shopping to be done. Treacle screamed as "er indoors TM" vanished into the bank for five minutes. She didn’t scream when I went into Boots.
From the town centre we went on to Bockhanger for geo-reasons. Whilst we were there Fudge decided to have a little dig at the base of a dead tree. As "er indoors TM" hunted for the geocache I videoed what Fudge was doing. It made for entertaining viewing.
We came home via Greggs for Belgian buns for lunch.
Once home I gave the dogs a warm shower; for all that they like a walk, it might have been a little cold for them today. And with them warmed up we had lunch. The Belgian bun put back over half the calories I had walked off earlier.

I spent much of the afternoon doing C.P..P (dull) then spent some time preparing a geo-puzzle to release on to the masses in the next day or so. I hut hope the masses are grateful for it. Bearing in mind the rather slow way they haven’t at all stampeded for the last film pot I put under a rock I can’t see something needing serious brain-strain getting that much interest but hope springs eternal.

We settled the hounds and drove up to Faversham. Some friends had got married recently in Antigua (where’s that?) and tonight was the wedding reception. It was a rather good party. The fish-and-chips buffet was a wonderful idea, and I even threw some shapes on the dance floor.
Mind you it was a shame that there weren’t more people drinking the red wine. The evening got rather vague towards the end…

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