14 March 2018 (Wednesday) - Between the Night Shifts

I had a rather busy night; it never fails to amaze me how busy the night shifts are these days. Back when I first started night work in hospital laboratories (in 1985) we would be called in from home for specific cases, and it was not uncommon not to be called between midnight and nine o'clock the next day. Now the work is constant all night long. How times have changed.
Night work also plays havoc with the diet; if only for recording what food you have at what time. What do you call the meal you have at three o'clock in the morning? I'm going with "lunch" as I was asleep when I would usually be scoffing that. But what do you call the toast you have in the late afternoon after being asleep all day?

It was with a sense of despair that I took a phone call shortly after half past seven this morning. With only minutes till the relief was due to arrive, the chap on the early shift was stuck in traffic. Overnight a manhole cover had collapsed in Colt’s Hill and blocked the road.
I wasn’t *that* late in getting out; but it would be today that the barrier on the car park decided to be problematical. Eventually I set off homewards. I drove to work in darkness last night; I much prefer the drive home in daylight.

As I drove the pundits on the radio were talking about the death of Professor Stephen Hawking. As a young man he’d been given two years to live; he went on for over fifty.
I got home and took the dogs out. I guessed that the tree surgeons would have been finished in the park. I guessed wrong. But at least the mud through which we had to walk had dried out somewhat since yesterday.
And with dogs walked I went to bed for the day.

I got up after five hours sleep. More would have been nice. I spent a little while working on creating a geo-puzzle. After all, today is “Pi Day”; that fact might help in solving the puzzle. I wonder if it will get much interest?
I also had a few emails telling me that some of the geocaches I hid round South Ashford a few years ago are in need of attention. I shall look at those tomorrow during the dog walk.

"er indoors TM" will be home soon. With any luck I’ll get some dinner and then I shall be off to work for another night shift. There isn’t anywhere (other than the co-op) on the way to work where I can get scoff. I used to get myself a cheeky McDonalds before the night shifts in Maidstone. Usually only a McFlurry, but even a McFlurry is four hundred calories.

I’ve mentioned before that the day between night shifts is often very dull.

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