27 March 2018 (Tuesday) - Between the Night Shifts

After a rather busy night I came out of work to a rather damp and miserable morning. As I drove home I listened to the radio as I do. The pundits on the radio were talking about how many countries are expelling Russian diplomats in protest at their supposed use of nerve agents in Salisbury. Apparently the Russian Premier is going to announce his reaction soon. It is such a shame that the world is falling back to the old Cold War which we all thought was dead and gone.
There was also discussion about a waiter who was sacked for his rudeness. He’s claiming discrimination; he wasn’t rude. He was French. Apparently the two are easily mistaken?

As I came home I thought I might try the short cut through Pot Kiln Lane. As I turned into High Halden Road I noticed there was a car behind me. About five yards behind me with headlights on full beam. This car followed me at a distance of five yards for the best part of a mile, finally overtaking on a rather narrow blind corner. This car (GF67 PWL) then flew off up the lane going far too fast to be able to stop should anyone emerge from the side road.
I would tell the police, but I doubt they would be interested.
I find this so often when I drive. I have impatient drivers up my backside. When I let them pass they fly off far in excess of the speed limit (let alone what is safe for the road conditions), and ten minutes later I catch up with them at the next junction.

Once home I walked the dogs round the block. We didn’t go far as the rain was getting worse. In fact ten minutes was enough to get us all soaked.
I had thought about carrying on working in the garden for a while, but with the rain, I just went to bed. In between dogs barking for no reason I got about six hours shut-eye (which isn’t a bad thing).

I woke about four o’clock, set dishwasher and washing machine loose on their respective victims. It was something of a race to see who would finish the one-hour cycle fist. Dishwasher won by about five minutes.
As they scrubbed I watched more “Star Trek: Discovery”, then seeing that the rain had stopped I took the dogs round the park.
Usually Fudge dawdles about, doing his own thing. Today I made a point of walking behind him, herding him like a sheep. We might not have got round *that* much faster, but there was a whole lot less farting about.

I hope "er indoors TM" gets home soon. Tea would be good, but (other than work-related stuff in the small hours) I’ve not spoken to another person all day.
These night shifts make for a very lonely time…

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