26 March 2018 (Monday) - Before the Night Shift

I had a rather breathless night. Perhaps I *should* go get these nasal polyps cut out again? The trouble is that this is (from my own experience and from what I hear from others) such a short-term fix. For all that I could breathe so much easier after the polypectomy I had a few years ago, the polyps soon came back.

I got up and had my weekly weigh-in. Over the last week I’ve lost a further three pounds. Calorie counting seems to be a rather efficient method of weight loss. When you realise how few calories you need, and how many calories there are in what you eat, you *don’t* have that bar of chocolate when you get petrol, or that doughnut at tea-break, or that bowl of cereals at bed time.
On the flip side you are constantly hungry but that’s what weight loss feels like.

As I scoffed my morning toast (three hundred calories) I had a look at the Internet as I do. Yesterday evening I’d struggled trying to solve some geo-puzzles in the north Kent area. This morning I read that the chap who’d set the puzzles had made a few mistakes in setting them. That explained where I’d gone wrong (hopefully).

I set the washing machine loose on some grubby clothing and took the dogs for our morning constitutional round the park. As we walked I met an old colleague; I would have liked to have had a chat, but Treacle decided to have a fit of bravado and tried to pick a fight with her dogs. I wish she wouldn’t do that. We went through Bowen’s Field (which is drying out) and on to the park where Fudge tried to alternately fight with and hump every other dog we met. It was with something of a sense of relief that I found there no other dogs in the co-op field as we walked home through it.

Once home I had a rather busy morning. Once I’d hung out the laundry I fed my undercrackers to the washing machine, then turned on the garden pond’s filter. Hopefully it will be clear in a few days’ time. I turned on the garden water features. One was pumping out rather grubby water; I hope I don’t need to disassemble it and affect repairs. I spent a few minutes harvesting dog turds from the lawn. It never fails to amaze me how two small dogs generate so much dung. I then mowed the lawn, re-shingled the areas I’d been meaning to do since Christmas, pulled the weeds out of the shingle and gathered up loads of rubbish ready for a tip run later in the week.
Still, according to myfitnesspal (dot com) the dog walk and the gardening shifted over seven hundred calories. In the past I would have rewarded myself with a cake with a cup of coffee after gardening. Now I know how many calories are in the cake, I just have the cup of coffee and feel hungry instead.

Have I ever mentioned that I *hate* gardening? Over the summer I try to spend a couple of hours out there a couple of times each week. But if I let it slip, after a week or so it looks like I’ve done nothing for months. Still, it looks like not-so-nice-next-door have been cutting back the jungle on their side of the fence. “Nutty Noodle” (the one I honestly think is clinically insane) maintains that he must have a layer of think roses all round his garden to keep out intruders. Fortunately he seems to have gone missing for this last year and her-next-door is cutting all the roses back.
As I worked, both dogs barked at pretty much everything (including their own shadows) but totally ignored the postman’s delivery.

By mid-day I was gardened out. I spent a little while looking at my leave and work rota for the next leave year. I got a little confused about this last year’s rota and have had to carry some time over (hopefully). Next year I’d like to avoid any mishaps.
I watched an episode of “Star Trek: Discovery” then took myself off to bed for the afternoon where I dozed fitfully. I would have slept better had Treacle not spent much of the time pushing up against me. After three hours she had a woofing fit for no reason that I could see. I got up; more Star Trek, then had a quick look at the Internet.
I solved half a dozen geo-puzzles (with a plan for future walks) before getting stuck on runes. If any of my loyal readers might translate?
"er indoors TM" then came home. Hopefully she’ll boil up some scran before I set off to the night shift…

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