18 March 2018 (Sunday) - Bit Dull

I woke up feeling like death warmed up. I rarely get hangovers but there is no denying that last night’s second (or was it third?)  bottle of red wine was something of an error in judgement on my part.
I lay awake for a while, and when the room slowed its spinning to a rate at which I felt I could get up I staggered downstairs in the hope that some jam on toast might perk me up.
It didn’t.

As I picked at my toast I tried to focus my eyes at my lap-top. Yesterday I somehow found myself embroiled in a petty squabble with the Sussex geocachers. On their Facebook page everyone had been telling me I was the villain of the piece, privately everyone was sending me messages saying I was the hero. These little spats get so out of proportion. Fortunately someone had deleted the whole thing overnight which was probably for the best.
I also had an email offering me free beer. “Free beer”… the small print said that that the offer was actually for ten quid off of the first monthly subscription to some beer club; monthly cost thirty quid. What a rip off!

After a couple of hours of slobbing I got off my bum, had another cup of coffee, and we took the dogs out.
We walked through South Ashford and met up with "My Boy TM" and Rolo and together we walked round Singleton Lake. I say “round”; we got half way round and found our way blocked by a swamp. We backtracked, and pausing only briefly for "er indoors TM" to find her lost glove and the dogs to shout at the ducks we walked on into the park, and home.

Once home the dogs had their bath. They get *so* muddy, and when we get home from our walks Treacle expects a bath; she jumps into the bath and waits to be washed. "er indoors TM" boiled up some cheese on toast for lunch, and I did a little geo-admin. Whilst we walked I’d replaced a couple of missing geocaches of mine. Rather than telling the world I’d done maintenance, I wiped them from the geo-map and created them afresh. That way those who get their kicks from rummaging in the undergrowth by a bus stop get something to do, and everyone is happy. Usually there is a delay of a day or so between creating a new listing and the geo-feds activating it; today the delay was eight minutes. I was impressed.

I then did something I’ve been threatening to do for ages; I tidied up my fishing tackle bag. Every time I go near a tackle shop I buy some odds and sods. I found a dozen packets of hooks. I found half dozen empty packets of lead weights. I also made a complete stuff-up of changing the line on one of my reels; I shall buy some more line in the week.

Looking out of the window I could see the snow was starting to fall again. So I slobbed on the sofa for a couple of hours watching “Four in a Bed”. I quite like the show; do people *really* spend that much money on a Bed & Breakfast? After this was several episodes of “Come Dine with Me”, and once "er indoors TM" had gone bowling I watched the latest episodes of “Still Game”, and then Jocelyn’s bosom geaved once more in “Jamestown”.

Today was rather dull…

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