12 March 2018 (Monday) - An Afternoon Off

We had a rather good curry last night, but one of the troubles with curry is the rice. It swells in the stomach overnight and I woke just before the alarm was due to go off feeling very bloated. The feeling lasted most of the day.
I got up and as I shaved the seagulls were being very noisy. They do that from time to time. I had a look at the SkyPlus box and saw it had recorded three episodes of “Dad’s Army” for me. The one up the clock tower, the one with the German U-boat commander, and the one where the Americans visit. Bearing in mind I probably know all three episodes word-perfectly I deleted them all and watched an episode of “F is for Family” instead.

With telly watched I sparked up my lap-top. A friend was having his birthday today… so why was he up and about and posting on Facebook before half past six? I also saw a *lot* of very odd posts from women who aren’t mothers who seemed to feel that yesterday’s idea of Mother’s Day was somehow discriminatory against them. And there were several comments from women who felt that because they had a dog or a cat then they too should have been considered to be a mother yesterday.

I set off to work, and the pundits on the radio were giving a *lot* of air time to the death of Ken Dodd He died overnight, and people were queuing up to come on the radio with their obituaries. It is sad that he’s gone, but that’s what happens. He was ninety years old; I honestly thought he’d died years ago.
There was also an interview with the Dribbling Democrap leader Vince Cable who is in trouble for implying that many people who voted for Brexit were racists. After quite a bit of discussion and evidence presented both to support and refute Mr Cable the eventual feeling of those on the radio was that Mr Cable had been right in his assertion, but wrong to have made it.
Wasn’t this what Mr Milliband had said about leaders of political parties on the radio the other day?

I got to work, didn’t do much, and came home at mid-day. I’d booked the afternoon off work purely because I could. I took a circuitous route home to see if getting home from Pembury might be any quicker if I drove to Aylesford and took the motorway.
It wasn’t.

Once home I took the dogs for a walk. As we walked we saw a nutter who was dancing along to the strange music that only he could hear. I tried to video him on Facebook Live, but there is no zoom function on the app. So I just waited until I got a bit closer to record him throwing some shapes.
When we left home it was a bright afternoon. By the time we’d got to the park it was pouring hard. We were all soaked by the time we got home, and the pups needed the mud hosing from their bellies. We all then huddled on the sofa to get warm as I ate some toast and watched the last episode of “F is for Family”. And with that watched I did some geo-puzzles in the London area with a view to going back in a  few months’ time.

"er indoors TM" came home and boiled up a rather good bit of dinner. I had plans to have a catching up with episodes of “Jamestown” during the evening, but despite Jocelyn’s bosom heaving at full power I fell asleep. I shall rewind and watch her bosom heave tomorrow.

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