9 January 2017 (Monday) - In The River

I had a rather restless night; my dog had made himself comfortable at the foot of the bed, and I spent much of the night trying to make myself comfortable around him whilst trying not to disturb him. I *know* I should have chivvied him out of the way; if it was the puppy I would have done. But "Furry Face TM" is a good dog.

Over brekkie I checked my emails. I had one from Mohammed Piazzolla who thought I might like to buy some gold. He’s got bars of the stuff for sale; each weighing thirty-two kilogrammes and each being ninety-five per cent pure. I decided not to take up this offer; what exactly does one do with such a huge lump of gold? If any of my loyal readers would like some I can forward his details?
I then had a look on Facebook. Not much was going on. Admittedly Monday morning can be a quiet time on social media, but more and more social media is becoming somewhere where people merely re-post other people’s jokes and politics. Less and less people actually say or do anything there. I wish more people would; being a naturally nosey person I like to see what is going on in other people’s lives.

I popped the double-ended lead onto the dogs and we walked out to meet "Daddy’s Little Angel TM"; "Stormageddon - Bringer of Destruction TM" was at home with his Daddy having skived off of nursery with a dose of the two-bob-bits. We walked four dogs round to the park and into the river. Fudge loves playing in the river; Sid keeps well clear, and as for Pogo and Treacle… We chose a shallow part of the river and conducted an experiment. We didn’t know how the family’s two Hungarian Tripe-Hounds would get on. They are both brother and sister; a cross between a pug and a cocker spaniel. Cocker spaniels *love* the water whereas pugs sink. We thought we’d get them used to the stuff today. It turned out that they both loved playing in the water; However the water was only belly-deep. I think we shall play here a few more times before we try the “sink or swim” test.
Once home it was bath time… I bathed both dogs at the same time. It didn’t go that badly. Afterwards "Furry Face TM" immediately went to his basket and slept; "Furry Shark TM" charged around like a thing possessed. She was clearly very over-excited and very tired but was just like a toddler. Eventually she climbed behind my neck and slept as I went onto the Internet and advertised the upcoming astro club meeting on various local websites that no-one ever reads.

With both dogs settled I watched a couple of episodes of “Get Some In!” via You-Tube and ChromeCast. For those of my loyal readers who have never seen the show, “Get Some In!” was a sort of Dad’s Army – The Next Generation set in as RAF camp in the 1950s. It was where the actors David Janson and Robert Lindsey started, and made for mindless viewing to pass an hour before I took myself off to bed for the afternoon.
I could have slept better; despite having turned off both the wi-fi and the mobile data on my phone, it still seemed to get all sorts of on-line notifications. I wish it wouldn’t.

I’m off to the night shift now. Only four more of these to go…

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