23 January 2017 (Monday) - New Job

I had a headache which lasted most of last night; over brekkie I suddenly realised it had gone. As I scoffed my toast I had a mooch on-line. I’d had an email from Sarah Jehi who was asking me for a donation for God’s charity work. Or so I thought originally. It turned out she was actually lying about giving loads of money away if only I would send her all of my banking details first. These scams are never-ending.
Facebook was full of warnings about the bad weather, so I set off to Maidstone (not Canterbury any more) hoping for the best.

The warnings were right – thick fog and minus six degrees temperature made for a rotten journey. But going up the M20 was better than going up the A28 would have been. As I drove the pundits on the radio were ranting about how eating burnt toast gives you cancer. They wheeled on an expert on the subject, and were rather dismayed when the expert said that eating burnt toast *didn’t* give you cancer.
There was also consternation about a Trident missile test which allegedly went wrong last year. The Prime Minister had been asked about the matter on live TV and had refused to comment on the matter. And rightly so. A missile test not going to plan is the very reason why they test missiles in the first place. And what kind of a twit would broadcast the details of a possible missile failure to the entire world?

I got to Maidstone eventually; there is no denying that today’s journey wasn’t an auspicious start for what (hopefully) will be the next fourteen years.
I started my new job and…

I rarely blog about work, and I’m not going to do so today. Suffice it to say I quite like the look of what I saw and I fully intend to go back tomorrow.
The journey home took exactly the same length of time as driving home from Canterbury used to…

And with "er indoors TM" out for the third night running, the puppy has just shat on the carpet.

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