22 January 2017 (Sunday) - Cold Day

Over brekkie I had a look-see at the world via the Internet. It would seem that whilst I moped about feeling ill yesterday people all around the world were having protest marches about the inauguration of President Donald Trump. There was even one such march in London. From what we read in the press it does seem that the American people haven’t made the best choice, but that is democracy for you. A scheme which goes with majority rule as its only criterion rather presupposes that the majority aren’t as thick as two short planks. An unscrupulous politician offering the world on a stick (and rubbishing any common sense which might be said by their opponents) is going to get the votes of the masses.
Perhaps a concerted effort to increase the educational level of the human race might end up with a few less patently ridiculous election results?

Bearing in mind I start driving up the motorway to get to work from tomorrow I spent a few minutes playing with the dash-cam I’d got for Christmas. However I soon hit a major problem; all of the menus on the thing are in Chinese. (I say Chinese; it is some incomprehensible hieroglyphic).
If any of my loyal readers speak Chinese or incomprehensible hieroglyphic I’d be grateful for any assistance.

Usually Sunday is “serious walk day” but January is cold. And today there was a geo-meet planned nearby by a chap visiting the area from Colchester. So we drove up to Wye Crown where quite a few people were congregating. It was good to chat with old friends, and to put faces to names I’ve read on geo-logs all over the place. The meet was scheduled to last for thirty minutes; we stayed for an hour.

But for all that today was cold, our dogs did need a walk. So we drove out to Lyminge where there were three multi-geocaches. Each of which involved going to a given location, getting some information, solving a puzzle and then making out way to the final geocache. If nothing else it involved walking about; which was what the dogs needed. And we found the final caches of two out of the three.

Mind you if I’m going to achieve this #walk1000miles thing I need to be walking more than I have been. When I first heard about it I thought it would be easy. After all I walk a lot. But… basic maths tells us that to achieve it I’ve got to walk a shade over two point seven miles every day. Our average dog walk is coming in at one point eight miles which gives me about a mile to make up every day.
Like everything else there is a Facebook group for the #walk1000miles. And like all Facebook groups it is causing squabbles. There is apparently a lot of discontent about the people who are complaining about other people who are telling the world how far they have walked so far. So far I’ve only read stuff from that page. I’ve got enough arguments that I never started already.

I dozed for quite a bit of the afternoon, and during the evening with "er indoors TM" off bowling and both dogs snoring I watched the first two episodes of “Taboo”; an odd show but I didn’t nod off so it can’t be that bad…

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