18 January 2017 (Wednesday) - Before the Night Shift

This morning’s haul of emails had one telling me of a job vacancy where I’m going to start working next week. I had heard there were vacancies there; this advert was for a fixed term position covering a spell of maternity leave. And this position was for a grade above the one I’m going to be starting on. Maybe I might ask about it on Monday?
I also had an email which was supposedly from the United Nations Lottery Fund (?) which had as its subject line “improtant”. It didn’t seem “improtant” to me; it seemed to be more of a scam. I also had another email from the exotic and refined Asian women who are still waiting for me. I think they are in for a long wait.

I then got a little bit peeved with Facebook. I’ve signed up for the “#walk100miles” thingy and was reading its Facebook page. Some idiotic woman who clearly is very new to the Internet was having a rant at how people are posting photos of themselves and where they’ve been walking on-line. She was *very* concerned that muggers and rapists would see these photos of people out in the countryside and having identified potential victims, these muggers and rapists would know who to mug and rape and where to find them.
I couldn’t understand her point. I’ve (so far) never been mugged or raped when out and about. However if I was a mugger or a rapist I personally wouldn’t pore over social media trying to find a victim, then spend ages trying to identify which bit of the countryside the victim seems to frequent. I’d lurk around a nearby wood and take pot luck.

I took the dogs for a walk round the park. We did our usual circuit and the walk passed off pretty much without incident. But as we walked I had my SmartWatch and my phone recording the walk; I think I need to whack up my mileage if I’m going to actually complete this “#walk100miles” thing. Last year I measured our usual circuit (on my GPS unit) at a shade over one mile and it took about fifty minutes. I never really thought about it at the time, but on reflection that distance seems more than a mile, but fifty minutes did seem about right. Mind you I’ve always felt that “Hannah” overestimates distances.
At the end of the walk today my watch said we’d done one point six miles in forty minutes. However it had said we’d done point nine of a mile at what is clearly (from the map) the half-way point. At the end of the walk my phone said we’d done one point eight miles in forty-eight minutes. I’m going to assume my watch went doolally for the last eight minutes and take a distance of one point eight miles for our standard walk.

Once home I put some washing on to cook, and watched a little more “Victoria” and “Darling Buds of May” before spending the afternoon asleep.
I’m off to the night shift now. I saw "er indoors TM" fleetingly this morning; I will have a few minutes handover with colleagues at work in a bit, then I shall be alone all night long. These night shifts make for lonely times…

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