10 January 2017 (Tuesday) - Between the Night Shifts

I left for work a little earlier than I might have done last night; shopping doesn't buy itself. Morrisons was nowhere near as busy as it usually is, so with time on my hands I wasted a few minutes looking round "Go Outdoors". They were having a sale, but in every case I mistook the reduction in price for the actual price of the item on sale. Stuff which would be far too expensive at twenty quid was actually merely twenty quid off the usual price and actually far more that I would ever pay. I was once a big fan of the place; I've gone off of it over the last few months. They seem to have two categories of goods; "cheap rubbish" and "vastly overpriced". I was looking at the fishing seats last night. What seemed to be a bargain was actually only a bargain as someone had put their arse right through the seat. There was a foot-long rip in the thing and still they wanted good money for it.

I went on to work and did my thing. As I worked the radio played in the background. And it also played in the car on my way home. In addition to the usual drivel was an article of interest - the Leas lift in Folkestone is due to close. Despite local consternation the thing's brakes are unsafe. Eighty thousand pounds are needed to make repairs. The chairman of the bunch that operates the lift was saying that if they aren't open they can't generate money to fix the brakes.
I wonder if they have considered on-line crowdfunding?
Meanwhile our old friend science has discovered aliens again. I really should go back through my diaries and find out exactly how many times aliens have been supposedly discovered over the last ten years.
I suspect that when aliens really are discovered no-one will take any notice; everyone will think it is yet another false alarm.

I had hoped to walk the dogs with "Daddy’s Little Angel TM" this morning, but she was busy getting another quote for Sid’s upcoming dental procedure. So it was just me and my two round the park this morning. As we walked I was approached rather aggressively by some old trout who wanted to know of the dogs were my dogs. I told her they were, and she walked off without another word. I wonder what that was all about.

Once home I got the dogs settled, had a shower, and was just about to go to bed when "Furry Face TM" had a mad woofing fit and woke the baby. She took an age to settle again.

A day was then spent asleep and I’m off to another night shift now…. It has been something of a lonely day…

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