27 January 2017 (Friday) - Pulsars

I wonder if I might work out some way of sleeping sitting up? I manage to nod off when sitting at all times; I really need to work out a comfortable way to do it all night. I slept till 4am thins morning but woke very breathless and congested and feeling grim. Much of which passed when I’d been sitting up for a few minutes.
Over brekkie I watched more “Darling Buds of May”; it is quite a good show. I’m amazed I never picked up on it before. I then had a look-see on-line. I had two emails from the Royal National Institute for the Blind which I didn’t read. I had three emails from LinkedIn who somehow know I’ve changed my job recently. How did they know that? I also had an email from the building society asking how I wanted them to send me all the info about their upcoming AGM. Personally I have no interest in their AGM at all.

I had a few minutes spare and seeing the car wasn’t iced over I thought I’d wash down the windscreen. The car wasn’t icy but the pavement was. I nearly (but not quite) went arse over tit on the ice, and was amazed to see some idiot zooming past me on a skateboard on a pavement which was sheet ice.

I set off for work; the pundits on the radio were speculating about today’s meeting of the newly appointed President Trump and the British Prime Minister. The general feeling was that the two probably had absolutely nothing in common whatsoever, but Mrs May would suck up to Mr Trump (like all British Prime Ministers do to all American Presidents) and Mr Trump would let her.
I made good time to work. I’m of the opinion that for all the journey is longer, being on the motorway and given a clear run, the journey to Maidstone takes almost exactly as long as the journey to Canterbury used to.

Work was good; for all that I had a minor meltdown a couple of days ago I’m thinking I might have made the right move. So far no one has formally reported me for supposed misdemeanours of trivial insignificance.

During breaks at work I had a look-see on-line. There was some minor consternation with the astro club’s event planned for this evening for which I was (as usual) to blame. Those who delight in making mischief had taken umbrage that I hadn’t sent them a personal invitation to the evening’s meeting. Now (leaving aside the fact that the person in question delights in publicly blanking me) I’m taking the line that everyone who is connected with the astro club knows that meetings are the last Friday of every month, and I can’t invite anyone to anything via Facebook when they’ve defriended me.
In the past I’ve sent out generic emails reminding people about these events, but toward the end of last year a few people made comments about receiving an email telling them what they already knew, so I rather gave up on the idea. Perhaps I might start sending those emails again. But only to those who acknowledge my existence.
I’m sorry, but my piss is boiled here. And if it boils again I shall write to the club secretary (even if the secretary is me).

I finished work, and spent a few minutes trying to check out the best place to get petrol. And once petrolled I went on to astro club prepared for a fight (verbal or physical). But the day’s squabbles came to nothing, and Charlotte gave a frankly excellent talk on pulsars. She got a tad technical in places; as I pointed out I am a genius and I struggled to understand. But she was keen to explain in all sorts of details.
Not a bad night really.

Bed time now. My nose is bunged up and I keep coughing. I wonder how long I can sleep sitting up?

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