1 July 2014 (Tuesday) - An FTF, Stuff...

Despite a particularly vivid and disturbing dream in which "Furry Face TM" had been replaced with a mentally sub-normal air-breathing flying goldfish I slept reasonably well. My dog got up with me and helped me eat my toast as we watched Reggie Perrin's "Grot" empire grow from strength to strength.

As I checked my emails I saw a new geocache had gone live about a mile from work. Time was pushing on but I thought I'd chance my luck. It would have been nice to have had a bit more time to play silly beggars before work; I would have had more time had everyone else going to Canterbury this morning got a move on. I'm not advocating driving like a lunatic, but surely one could go faster than thirty five miles an hour in a sixty miles an hour zone? Also why did the car in front of me keep stopping in the middle of the carriageway (seven times) for absolutely no reason?

I got to the designated place to park for this geocache at 8am, and I had half an hour to get on with it. Being a five part multi I knew I would be lucky if I found it. I tried, I got all the clues; but I was not lucky - I couldn't find the cache itself.
So I went to work in a bit of a sulk. As I arrived I walked through the hospital's out patient's department as I do most mornings. I rarely mention work, but today I saw something of note. There was a little old lady and her husband in the out patients waiting area. both swigging from a hip flask they were sharing.
That's where all the money goes in the NHS. There's no denying I like a drink myself, but at 8.40am whilst waiting to see the doctor?

Interestingly once at work I got an email from the chap who'd hidden the cache that I couldn't find. He seemed worried that I couldn't find it. I wasn't worried; I explained that for all that my cache find number is high, some days I can't find my own arse with both hands. Nevertheless he wanted to go out to check the thing for himself as he thought that it might have gone walkabout (they do sometimes). He did so, and emailed me back to say that despite another person logging that they couldn't find it either, I had been in the right place and it *was* there - I had missed it.
I was intrigued by this; so much so that I abandoned my lunchtime sax practice and went to have another look-see. After half an hour I found the thing. It wasn't small, I have no idea how I missed seeing it for so long. But I found it, and got a First to Find into the bargain. Happy dance.

I went back to work feeling decidedly more smug than I did this morning. I did my bit at work, and then came home again. It was a hot afternoon to be driving home; I was very glad I'd shelled out to get the car's air conditioning fixed last week.
As I drove the pundits were discussing the day's news. The conviction of Rolf Harris was getting a lot of air time. Personally I was amazed to hear that Rolf was guilty; I'm still not sure that I believe it. And now loads of other people he allegedly abused are coming to light down under . Interestingly many complainants arern't taking their allegations to the police, but to compensation lawyers.
"Operation Yewtree" was then discussed at length; specifically has it worked? Has it brought sex offenders to justice? And if so, at what cost? Seventeen arrests, two convictions, fifteen innocent good names destroyed.... the implication was that if one guilty celebrity is brought to justice then it doesn't matter how many innocents are put through the mangle at the same time. After all, if they weren't guilty then "Operation Yewtree" wouldn't have accused them in the first place. Apparently!
Our system of justice isn't what it might be.
They are now investigating allegations about Leonard (Reggie Perrin) Rossiter who has been safely dead for thirty years.

Once home we had a quick dog walk, and then I looked at the astro club's account. Twelve quid more than we should have. Woops!
And beiong Tuesday the clans gathered for the last ever episode of Merlin. It had been a good show; a shame to see it come to an end now...

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