14 July 2014 (Monday) - Home Again

The Red Cross people had stayed on for the extra night last night. they hadn't come up to be sociable last night; and their screaming shreiking children were especially anti-social from 5.45 am this morning.
I suppose that an early morning alarm call has its advantages when there is work to be done, and we soon had our tents down. In complete contrast to yesterday today was glorious. I always worry about going home with wet tents; there was no problem on that score today.

An al-fresco fry-up, some Jim'Ard with our brekkie and soon everything was packed (including the washing up - life's too short) and having said our goodbyes we set off for home. An hour or so was spent putting gear away, and then we did a tip run before collecting "Furry Face TM" from his holiday. Word is he was well behaved.

I then spent a little while sorting out my photos - I took a few photos of the weekend. You might not be able to see them as I've recently tweaked my Facebook account's settings. If you can't see them... sorry.
It's now back to my CPAP machine. Much as I dislike the thing, I'm looking forward to a decent night's sleep.

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