12 July 2014 (Saturday) - Brighton Kite Festival

I got to bed shortly after 1am, and since I hadn't brought my CPAP machine camping I woke several times during the night. Eveyone woke with me at 5.30am when the "delightful" children associated with the British Red Cross encampment decided to start running around the camping field whilst screaming and shreiking.

Brekkie was rather good; a fry-up when camping is always popular, and once I'd washed up I dozed off. I woke too late to take my regular spot making bridles in the kiddies' kite making workshop. Instead I helped out on crowd control for the workshop. If anything kicked off I was all set to steam in and knock heads together. Provided that they were under five years old...

Having done my bit I made my way back to our camp where we sat and watched the normal people flying kites. I say "flying kites"; like any hobby, skill or activity there is a knack to be mastered. Several of the normal people looked as though they had taken up semaphore rather than kite flying. But we offered sage advice. Sage advice which was even welcomed in a couple of instances. One lady even came and had a beer with us once we'd got her kite out of a knot and into the air.

Batty arrived with some Feigling. For those of my loyal readers who have never tried the stuff... it's not unlike vodka, comes in small bottles, it *has* to be drunk in a special way, and you end up with a sore (if not broken) nose.
Fajitas made for a rather good evening meal, and beer flowed as it does on these occassions.

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