5 July 2014 (Saturday) - Busy

Last night was a very hot and humid night. Whenever I did drop off to sleep "Furry Face TM" would wake me shortly after with a woofing fit. I finally gave up any attempt at a weekend lie-in shortly after 6am and got up to find we had had heavy rain overnight.

I chivvied "er indoors TM" out of her pit and we made our way to the Brookfield cafe where we met Steve for a spot of brekkie. The Brookfield cafe does a rather good fry-up, but it has two drawbacks. Firstly the place seems to be built inside an echo chamber; even one other person speaking in there makes the place painfully loud. And secondly the children of the staff... What is it with parents of small children these days? Everywhere I go seems to be over run by noisy brats the parents of whom are making no effort to keep the brats in check? With the cafe already incredibly noisy, the "delightful child" of the waitress was singing some tuneless dirge at the top of her voice just to add to the noise of the place.
The brekkie was very good, but next time I will go somewhere quieter.

From our fry-up we went out to Smarden to a certain farm where we collected assorted camping gear for an upcoming kite festival, and we came home via Matalan. I've had rather a high attrition rate on my socks recently, and the soles of my trainers had split. New shoes and new socks, and then home. With the car unloaded and camping gear stashed I had planned to mow the lawn, but it was still wet from the overnight rain.
Instead I set about the household accounts. They were not really very good, but they could be a whole lot worse really. I also had a go with the astro club's accounts. That has thirty two pence more in it than it should have. I wonder where that came from.

A belgian bun and a cup of coffee made for a good lunch. I then took my car to get petrol, and then on to my sax lesson. Teacher has given me some rather tricky passages to master this week. I've got to get to grips with semiquavers which is far easier said than done.
I did have a plan to then go up to the town, but all I had to do there was to pay one cheque into the bank, so whilst "er indoors TM" did that (and then some dress shopping) I made a start at getting the lawn mowed. It took some doing. The edges were especially troublesome. I didn't strim them; I ripped them out by hand. That will delay growth for a few days. Whilst in the garden I got the water features running again; "Furry Face TM" seemed to enjoy that, even if he did get soaked and nearly drowned himself in the process. I videoed that silly dog, and then videoed him again because I could.

"er indoors TM" came home with the shopping, and we then took "Furry Face TM" for a short walk round teh park. He was rather protective of his new ball, but we got it off of him eventually. We persuaded him to swim a little in the river; if nothing else that washed the smelly water-feature water off of him. He can have a proper bath tomorrow.
By the time we came home it was 6pm; the day was mostly gone and I didn't feel we'd actually done anything much.

A swift bit of tea, and then I set about what felt like a month'sworth of ironing. The plan was to get it all done so's I could be up at the Star with everyone else for 9pm. It was a good plan.... I finally got the last of the ironing done shortly before 10pm. But I had three quarters of an hour before the band was on, so I sat down to watch the last five minutes of "National Lampoon's European Vacation" before setting off.
I woke up an hour later...

I didn't stop all day......

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