9 July 2014 (Wednesday) - This n That

Another decent night's sleep. It might have been a tad better had my guts not been quite so rumbly. I'm not quite sure what I've eaten, but somethhing hasn't been sitting well since yesterday. I farted like a fruitbat as my dog ate most of my toast at brekkie time this morning. Having eaten his fill of toast he curled up on my lap and went to sleep. For all that most people see a hyperactive bundlle of excitement, he's actually quite a soppy dog when he thinks no one is watching.

And so to work. As always I listened to the radio; there is little else to do on a twenty mile drive. The Palestinians and Israilis continue fighting; they seem to like doing so. They must, as they are showing no incllination to stop. The newly appointed European president looks set to hand power from Brussels back to Westminster. Scottish Independence is becoming less and less likely.
Nothing of note seems to have happened in the wider world.

Mind you it would seem that JK Rowling has written another Harry Potter story; nothing major, but a few paragraphs. It could be amusing; I suspect that these few paragraphs will make it into print and be sold to those who like spending their money.

Work was entertaining - "Thumbs" was back from her Italian holiday. Whilst swimming in the Mediterranean she was stung by a jellyfish. Her brother wasted no time in tiddling on the swollen and painful area, and would you beleive it? That old addage about tiddling on a jellyfish sting is actually true. Apparently the pain releif was instant. One lives and learns.
After that revelation the rest of the day was something of an anticlimax.

I popped round to Farm Foods to help with getting the first batch of supplies for the upcoming kite festival, and then went round to see Denver to collect the astro club's event shelter. Once home (an hour later than usual) we took "Furry Face TM" for a walk. Our usual route was not going to happen tonight; a fun fair had set up in the park. Instead we played our strange version of "fetch".

We're having a bottle of plonk with tea tonightt and I've no work tomorrow...

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