8 June 2014 (June) - A Long Walk Round Linton

A day's heavy drinking usually makes for a reasonable night's sleep, and I woke this morning to find I didn't have hours to kill beffore the off. After a spot of brekkie we were soon on our way to collect Gordon Tracy. We didn't have to drive for long to get to today's walk, and soon we met up with Kim and Andy.

I shall have a little aside here - a little rant.... I often get told by all sorts of people that they would like to come on walks and strolls. Everyone is *very* welcome to come along, and it bothers me that I've missed letting people know about these walks when I am told "I would have loved to come along.." or "You never asked me...".
I usually organise walks as Facebook events for the simple reason that I find that this is the easiest way to organise such events. I invite anyone that I think might be interested (but generally don't invite geo-bods who've already done the geo-walk where we're going).
On today's Facebook event page there were five people who told me they couldn't come or had other plans. Five of us went out today. But the majority of people invited either didn't see the invite or didn't bother replying.... which was it..?

Anyway... today was a lovely day for a walk. Glorious sunshine, geo-fun, some wonderful views. We walked along and over a river. The dogs went in the river a few times. As we walked we saw a small frog, some deer, a few llamas, and a young couple having sex on a fence. I did laugh; especially when we saw her bum as she hurriedly pulled up her trousers before they ran away. The young fornicators were more easily spooked than the deer; which was surprising.
We met a couple resting by the side of the road who had a tandem. They sang the praises of the tandem. I wasn't impressed; it looked broken to me. We met some normal people with an ordnance survey map. They lambasted me for having the map on my phone rather than on paper as God intended.
They then asked me to use the sat-nav technology on my phone to show them where they were on their map.

After thirteen miles we were rather hot; finding the pub was rather good. We would probably have had a second round had the people in the garden (there were hundreds) been exerting any control over their feral children (there were thousands)

I took a few photos whilst we were out; we came home and I uploaded them. Unusually for a Sunday we weren't that late getting home. A rather good plate of lamb chops went down very well. The pudding not so; yesterday I'd bought some fresh cream cakes from the bakers. Despite having been kept in the fridge they were still rather stale thiss evening.

I then sent out over thirty invites for next weekend's geo-stroll. Let's see if anyone's taken any notice of my little rant...

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