7 June 2014 (Saturday) - Burp!!!

A relatively good night, but I was till awake and watching rubbish on the TV by 6am. Bearing in mind the fact that the park fills with joggers on a Saturday morning and that the weather forecast was terrible I was up the park with “Furry Face TMbefore 7am. I took his new ball and throwing stick. I thought we’d play “Fetch”. “Furry Face TM thought we’d play “try to get the ball from the dog”. I threw the ball once; he fetched it, and wouldn’t hand it over. He’d drop it and as soon as I went to get it he’d snatch it away. He then carried it for fifteen minutes and then dropped it in the river.
After that fights with squirrels and geese came as something of a light diversion.

We came home via the bakers, and once home kept the noise down as ‘er indoors TM was still fast asleep. Whilst the forecast thunderstorm did its thing I spent a little while playing with geo-puzzles and once ‘er indoors TM  had emerged from her pit she boiled up a rather decent full English breakfast. Very tasty.

Being Saturday I had sax lesson. It went reasonably well; I never feel I do myself justice at sax lessons.

And then it was off to Dover. The Rear Admiral had suggested a booze up; with over twenty people invited along, two of us went for a serious session. We started off in Dover’s “Rack of Ale” ale house which was heaving; the local weirdie-beardie club was having something of a do. From here we adjourned to Blakes… and things got progressively more vague as the afternoon wore on into the evening.

I had this idea that I would have been home by the late afternoon; I got home shortly before 11pm...

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