10 July 2014 (Tuesday) - Too Little; Too Late

After an early brekkie spent watching "Family Guy" I set off to work for an early shift. As I started my drive the radio was playing the National Anthem in honour of Prince Philip's ninety-third birthday which I thought was a nice touch. And perhaps a sign of the times, maybe.
Is this a welcome resurgence in national pride or just symptomatic of the current trend of extremist jingoism?

The very next item on the radio featured the need for school governors to have training in what is expected from them in being a school governor following the scandal in Birmingham. Mind you, I blame the Government entirely. If a Government washes its hands of all responsibility of what goes on in schools, one can hardly be surprised when religious crackpots use schools as training grounds for their own personal versions of crackpot-religion-inspired lunacy. And then be even more surprised when the right-wing racists start getting ahead in the opinion polls.

I was rather worried about the subsequent announcement from the Education Secretary that all schools are now to promote "British Values". Don't get me wrong - I'm all for it in theory. However this is something which should have been done years ago. With many of our schools facing pupils for whom English is a second language, promoting "British Values" is going to be something of an uphill struggle for those faced with doing the promoting. "British Values" is going to appear to be stark nonsense to those who've been living in Britain all their lives without knowing anything of its language or culture. And the whole thing can only fuel the preconceptions and prejudices of the ever growing racist minority in Britain today.

Ten years down the line we might have a better society for this initiative, but for now it will be hard work for all concerned.
It's just rather frustrating that all this nastiness was predicted fifty years ago.

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