27 June 2014 (Friday) - Galaxies

I didn't sleep especially well last night; far better than I have in the past but rather poorly by today's standards. I found myself abluted, with the dishwasher loaded and was watching Reggie Perrin launching his "Grot" empire before 6am.
I then checked out social media, and again my piss boiled. Twee slogans are irritating enough, but platitudes about how people achieve so much through hard work are all very well for those who have got lucky, but are frankly insulting to those who actually worked hard to no avail.

I saw that there was a wedding today. A distant cousin was getting married to her girlfriend. I wish the pair well; even if they do stuff their lesbianism down everyone's throats. I've always been a staunch supporter of gay rights, and I am very happy for them. But this morning as I read all the messages of support and congratulations on Facebook I saw one from one of the bride's mothers. She seemed delighted about the arrangement.
This made me wonder how I would be reacting had "Daddies Little Angel TM" or "My Boy TM" "taken the other bus" or "was good with colours" or even went so far as to "bake a moist sponge" or to "bowl from the pavilion end".
I'm rather ashamed to say that I don't think that I would not have been quite so sanguine about it as these two's mothers seem to be.

As I drove to work I couldn't help but notice how empty the roads were. Why was hardly anyone travelling today?
As I drove I listened to the news through the constant crackling of interference. The Welsh police have been accused of failure as a couple of Welsh lads have run away to fight in the never-ending religious conflicts in the Middle East.
I don't see how the police can be held accountable. If anyone is responsible we should blame the society which allows such religious brainwashing to take place. And as for those lads who've run off to fight, let them go.
We shouldn't let them come back (if they survive!), but we should let them go.

And I couldn't beleive my ears when the cost of the recent phone hacking trial was revealed. Sixty million quid. Regardless of the outcome, justice costs too much.
I don't know how the costs can be reduced, but justice is certainly beyond the budget of all but a very exclusive elite.

I gave the usual sax practice a miss over lunchtime and instead spent some time working on the evening's presentation for the astro club. And with work done I then went on to said astro club via a minor McDiversion for some McDinner. You can never go wrong with a quarter-pounder, fries, banana shake and a McFlurry.

Astro club went well. A reasonable turn out; even if numbers are noticably down on what they once were. My talk on galaxies went quite well I thought. I wonder what I shall talk about next time...

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