1 June 2014 (Sunday) - "Repo puteus vel..."

I *really* don't like my CPAP machine; sleeping with a great big breathing hose attached to my face makes me look and feel like I'm a very old man on his death bed. But the thing is giving me over two more hours asleep every night. I'm still waking early, but nowhere near as early as I was.

I had brekkie and as always offered the crusts to my little dog. He didn't want them, and he did seem rather subdued. He jumped onto my lap and slept for a while. As he slept his stomach was making the noisiest of gurgles and he was farting as though it was going out of fashion. In fact I've only every heard noisier farts once, and that was when "Daddies Little Angel TM" was only a few weeks old and was admitted to hospital for excessive trumping.
I wonder if he's eaten something he shouldn't have.

I then did some exercises. I've signed up to the "30 Day Ab Challenge for those who need some motivation like me"; the idea being to sort out my gut. It probably won't lose me any weight; but it might tighten things up a bit. There's no denying that I had to do a bit of Googling to find out the difference between a sit-up and a crunch. But I gave it a go; even if it did confuse "Furry Face TM" who spent much of the time trying to lick my nose.

The Rear Admiral arrived, and we drove round to collect Gordon; and then it was off to West Sussex. There was a series of geocaches being archived iin the next week or so, and so we thought we'd do the walk whilst we could. We met Dave and Martin at the start of the walk, and off we went. We met a landowner who wanted to know what we were doing walking across a public footpath. She reluctantly admitted that we had the right to use a public footpath, but was adamant that no one would dare put a geocache on her land. We didn't tell her what we had just found...
We heard (but did not actually see) another landowner who was shouting at us. She didn't like the fact that we were walking along a public right of way behind a hedge from where her horse was grazing because we might upset her horse. We didn't tell her to get knotted; which I thought was rather polite of us.
We met a flock of very over-friendly cows; I got cow-licked. If any of my loyal readers have never been licked by a cow, all I can say is that it is an experience unlike any other.
We found someone's stash of "herbal tobacco"; they will be disappointed that they dropped it.
At pretty much every step of the walk we were under the flight path of jet planes flying in to Gatwick Airport. The planes were huge; and rather low too. And were coming in at the rate of one every two miinutes.

After five miles we reached the end of today's planned walk. A short(ish) walk; but fun. We sat in the garden of the nearby pub and enjoyed a pint of cider in the sunshine. Pausing only briefly for a quick geo-challenge we then drove up to nearby (!) Surrey. There was a Church Micro geo-cache in a fenced-off building site. Fortunately the fencing off wasn't as badger-proof as it might have been.
And then....

I often get told that geocaching is rather lame. I challenge anyone who thinks it's lame to have a go at this cache and then tell me "LAME!!!" Some caches are easy to find; you get to know what to look for. Some are cleverly hidden, and finding them gives you a sense of acheivement.
This cache is the easiest to find that I have ever encountered. The description tells you where it is, and describes what to look for. I could see the cache from a distance of twenty yards away. However the cache was (and is) a rather large container firmly tied to the girders under a bridge. Above the bridge (and the cache) is the London orbital motorway; the M25. Below the bridge (and the cache) is a not insubstantial river; one of the tributaries of the River Thames.

All we had to do was get up onto the girder; shimmy out twenty yards or so, do the secret geo-ritual, and shimmy back again. Ideally without falling into the river. It took the best part of an hour, but eventually two thirds of our party got there and back again. I won't say how I did it; but I will say that I didn't fall in and my bum feels like I've been sitting on an angry crab.
I did have a moment on the way back from the cache to (relative) safety when I realised that I am probably far too old to be doing daft things like shimmying over rivers under the M25. But the feeling soon passed. Funnily enough it was "Furry Face TM" who was the most upset by this silliness. He wouldn't stop howling whilst I was going across, and when "er indoors TM" did her shimmy I had to pick him up as he wouldn't stop crying.
I took a few photos whilst we were out, including a few taken under that bridge.

After the excitement, coing home and scrubbing pond scum and fox poo out of my dog's fur came as something of a let-down...

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