3 June 2014 (Tuesday) - CPAP; Not Feeling Well...

Having spent a little while organising a walk to deepest Sussex yesterday evening I was woken after half an hour's sleep by a text message reminding me I'd planned it to clash with something else already in the pipeline. Woops. I cancelled an evening's planning and then despite the best efforts of my CPAP machine I hardly slept, and saw every hour of the night. Having had a month of reasonable sleep, a night like I used to have came hard.
I got up shortly after 5am and shared my toast with "Furry Face TM". I lay sideways on the sofa as I watched "Family Guy" so the jollop I have to apply to the inside of my nose wouldn't run out. And then I did today's installment of the thirty day Ab Challenge. Twenty five sit ups, ten crunches, ten leg raises and fifteen planks. I'm not entirely sure it's helping as my gut muscles really hurt now.
Just as I was about to leave from work I had a message to say that the event which I'd forgotten about and for which I had then cancelled my arrangements had now been cancelled.
It's often been said that God laughs when we make plans.

I had a wry smile at the news as I drove to work. Sales of colouring-in books have gone through the roof as astute printers have announced that colouring-in books are actually a therapeutic form of stress relief. It may well be; it's certainly a nice little earner for someone.

And so to work. I did my bit for a while, we had cakes for tea time. And I slipped out for a few minutes to an out-patients appointment to review my progress with my CPAP machine. I've been using it for just over a month now. I don't like the thing at all; but it does (usually) give me better sleep than I have been getting for some years.
I took my place in the queue in the respiratory department. There were six "delightful people" (pikeys) filling the waiting area; all waiting for a seventh to emerge. Eventually I was in with the nice lady. I took my CPAP machine in; she took out a memory card. I didn't realise the thing would tell them how much I'd been using it. The nice lady seemed to think that the card showed I'd been doing well with it, and said to come back next year.

I then went out and blew my sax in the car park for half an hour. Unfortunately there was resurfacing work going on in the car park; and those who should have been doing that resurfacing stopped and listened to me. It was probably for the best that today was one of my less squawky days; the assembled throng seemed reasonably impressed with what they heard.

Once home I took my dog round the park where he got into a fight with a pair of dogs and stole their ball. he was not happy when I finally caught him and got the ball off of him before he utterly destroyed it.
And as "er indoors TM" and Martin went to the weekly gathering I stayed home. The other day I mentioned I wasn't feeling well; I was feeling especially rough this evening...

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