6 June 2014 (Friday) - Before Work

At 3am I felt "Furry Face TM" jump onto the foot of the bed. I should have taken him back to his basket, but if he settles I don't really mind him being there. Often when he sneaks up, he soon goes to sleep. This morning he didn't; he stomped about, and fidgeted, and was generally restless until I finally took him to his basket at 4am. But by then I was wide awake and didn't get back off to sleep again.
I was up and watching telly by 6am; the last episode of "The Tomorrow People"; this was the last episode ever. Which was probably just as well really. What started out as a promising series soon lost its way with baddies and goodies swapping sides with amazing regularity and often for no discernable reason.
Today's series finale ended in farce.

I was feeling a lot better than I have done for a few days and so went back to work. Being on a late start I had a little time to spare.
On Monday some new geocaches went live near work; being on a late finish that day I didn't go for them. Because I was feeling ikky on Tuesday I didn't go for them then either. And being off sick on Wednesday and yesterday meant I wasn't in the area. I couldn't believe that when I looked this morning I saw that four of the six still hadn't been found for the first time. So with four spare hours before I had to be at work I thought I'd take a walk round this geo-series and try my luck for an FTF or two. I got First to Find on all the available four. Happy dance indeed. I found one of the other two caches in the series, but had no joy on the sixth. To be honest I didn't try very hard on that sixth; I was being watched from the children in the nearby school's playground. I thought there were rules about geocaches being near to schools... but that's a rant which has been done to death.
Mind you it was a good morning to be out for a walk; scenic views, loads of Red Admiral butterflies, and I even saw a little lizard basking in the sunshine.

As I was in the area I popped into the Sturry Road McDonalds for McBreakfast, and with two more hours before I was due at work I went on another geo-mission. There is a puzzle cache relatively near work. The exact location of this cache is concealed in another cache near Howletts Zoo; we got those co-ordinates over the winter. Today I finally went south of Canterbury to get this puzzle cache.
It was as well that I did so today; the owner of the thing has moved away, and it is now in a rather sorry state. With no one to look after this sandwich box it can only be a matter of time until it is archived.

As I walked back to my car I was amazed to see some old friends standing next to it. By one of life's amazing co-incidences Tim and Laura were considering buying the house just by where I had parked. We chatted for a few minutes until a rather smarmy estate agent appeared. I took that as my cue to go to work.
Being a few minutes early I used the time for an extra sax practice to the delight (!) of the workmen re-surfacing the works car park.

I'd done a full day before I ever got to work...

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