13 June 2013 (Friday) - Curry

After a reasonable night's sleep "Furry Face TM" allowed me most of my toast as I watched "Family Guy". And leaving the dishwasher doing its thing I set off to work. My piss boiled as I drove to work. I listened to the news. There is yet more conflict in the Middle East; Sunnies are fighting with Shites again. Part of me knows that thousands of innocents are caught up in someone else's battles. Part of me wonders if it wouldn't be best to just let them fight it out until they've all killed each other off.

Work was busy; sax practice went well. I came honme to find we'd had a copy of the Sun newspaper delivered. I'd heard about this on the telly at work; because of the football the publishers of the Sun paper had decided to give a copy to pretty much everyone in the UK. I wish they hadn't; it was rather jingoistic rubbish.
Apparently the citizens of Liverpool are up in arms at the audacity of the publishers of the Sun newspaper for daring to do this becuse of some indiscretion of the newspaper some twenty-odd years ago.
Why can't anyone make any effort to get on?

We then went into town for a birthday meal. A few beers, a curry, another beer, insults bandies, "woof"s shouted...
I woke un in front of the telly at 4.30am this morning and then went to bed...

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