15 June 2014 (Sunday) - Hollingbourne

Over brekkie social media was all abuzz. Apparently we lost last night. I wasn't aware of anything being missing. After a little research I sorted out the misunderstanding. "We" was (is) the English football team and *they* were beaten by the Italian fotball team last night.
Once again I fiind myself being amazed by the popularity of football. For such a simple game it is amazingly popular. I just wish it wasn't rammed down our throats at every turn. No matter with whom I speak, every time I make the slightest comment which isn't overly enthusiastically effusive about how wonderful football is, I am faced with rather offensive personal bitter abuse about how lame my personal interests are. I agree the world might not like oil painting, sci-fi or playing poker. But the world isn't currently faced with mindless hysteria about these activities at every turn.

And talking of pesonal interests, today was spent on one of these. Seven of us (and two small dogs) met up in Hollingbourne and we off for a little stroll. Usually our routes are laid out along geo-trails; today's routes was cobbled together from two small trails so some judicious map reading was in order. Only taking one wrong turn iin twelve miles, I don't think we did too badly.
We found all twenty of our target geocaches; including one which was in an underground bunker. We even found a pub half way round the walk for a crafty pint. You can't beat a pint of Spitfire after several miles. The beer garden featured a family happily using the play equipment. The young boy of the family had tiddled himself; mum and dad hadn't noticed and I wasn't going to tell them.

Today's walk was also a trial run for "The World's Sexiest Hat" which (it has to be said) exceeded the expectations of even it's most ardently enthuusiastic supporters. The hat will feature in more of our Sunday walks; which will be something to which we can all look forward.
As always I took some photos whilst we were out. Including some of the hat.

With "er indoors TM" off bowling I settled in front of the telly, put on "Doctor Who - Death to the Daleks" and promptly fell asleep. It was a disappointment...

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  1. If you want to get ahead, get a hat.
    We do like a good hat.
    Every man should have a Milliner
    Bought another for myself today, 7 now.