24 June 2014 (Tuesday) - Taking the Train

It was a really hot and uncomfortable night last night. I needed an early start, and I got one. I was watching Reggie Perrin getting sacked (again) before 6am.
With my car in the garage I found myself at the railway station and on the wrong train before 6.30am. As is always the case when I need to take a train I did my research for the train journey on-line. Once again I found that the price quoted by the official website http://www.nationalrail.co.uk/ was wrong. It always is; every time.

I got on the train. Fortunately I realised I was on the wrong train before it went anywhere and so got myself onto the right train in time. As we trundled along the twenty minute journey to Canterbury I checked out my emails. Mobile technology is wonderful stuff.
Cotton Traders had sent me an email to say they weren't going to publish the review I'd written about my walking shoes because it "didn't conform to their guidelines for publication". I'm not surprised - the shoes didn't conform to my guidelines for being worth having in the first place.
I saw someone had found one of the geocaches I'd hidden. Not content with where I'd hidden it they told me they've moved it to where they think it should have been. This isn't some newbie making an understandable mistake; this is someone who's been playing the game for years and has found thousands of caches. You really would think that someone like that would know better. I do wish people wouldn't "help" me like this; I've now got to go out of my way to make a special journey to put right the damage they've done.
I also had a message to say that the log on another of my geocaches was full. Another person was being "helpful". By chance I was walking past this cache this morning on my way to work. As I had a spare log in my pocket, I changed the supposedly full one for a new one, even though it was only half full. Literally half full. It would have been fine for another few months.

The walk from Canterbury West to work is one of just over half an hour. I took about forty five minutes, but I did go via several munzees (some of which were actually there) and a McDonalds banana shake.
Once at work I did my bit. My phone rang - it was the garage. My heart sank as I expected the worst. They'd found the problem with the window. It wasn't not an uncommon problem, but it was over four hundred quid's worth of problem. They did say that if I wanted they could put the window into the "closed" position and bodge it permanently shut with a lump of wood. But a window that never opens is not going to be practical, is it? Oh well, what's money for if not to squander foolishly.
The nice man from the garage said he should have the car ready by tomorrow; soI can't really complain too much...

And talking of my car I found myself at something of a loose end at lunch time; I couldn't do my usual sax practice. I'd left my saxophone in the boot of my car which was at the garage. Instead I read my book on my Kindle app until I fell asleep.

An early start made for an early finish. Faced with a mile and a half walk to the railway station I took a rather circuitous route via two more munzees (that *were* there) and most (but not quite all) of a multi-cache. By some strange qurk of fate I got to the train station just asb the train did, so I didn't have to wait around.
Once home I chased "Furry Face TM" around the garden for a bit. He seemed to like that.

Being Tuesday the clans gathered; this time in Somerset Road for the penultimate "Merlin". It's been a good show, but has lost a certain something since the demise of Sir Bigtits.

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