5 June 2014 (Thursday) - On The Mend

I've never been one for prologed lie-ins; before I got chronic insomnia I found that if I lay in bed for too long I got serious back ache which prompted me to get up. This morning after some nine hours sleep (!) I woke with one of those back aches. Result!!
Mind you I suspect yesterday's intestinal unpleasentness had something to do with my tiredness.

Brekkie, and then on with another day of doing very little. Having had the dodgy guts on Tuesday night the boss told me I was not to return to work for two clear days after my symptoms had abated. So being under orders not to go to work I took "Furry Face TM" for a walk round the park. We went via the charity shop where I got a hard rubber ball for his ball-chucking stick. We played with the rubber ball in the park. We saw "OrangeHead and her Chunky Little Friend", we ("Furry Face TM") rolled in fox poo, we came home for a rather serious bath.

Once home and once "Furry Face TM" was bathed I mowed the lawn. I could have done a *lot* more in the garden, but my heart isn't in gardening any more. I watched a film I'd recorded a while ago. "Looking for Eric" is a British film; quite a bit of violence... I liked it. And with film watched I had a look on-line. A new geocache had gone live. Just over a mile away. I popped the lead onto "Furry Face TM" and we sped off. I arrived to see a couple of friends already there. At first my heart fell; I'd been beaten to the First to Find. Then I realised one of the assembled throng was the person who'd hidden it. She'd been called up to check co-ordinates. A quick search (followed by a prolonged search) assisted by astute use of the experience cacher's eye and "Furry Face TM" rooting and snuffling soon gave us the cache in our hands. First to Find. Happy dance.
And jsut as I was leaving we were joined by the chap who claims First to Find on 99% of the local caches. Don't get me wrong - that chap is a realy good, decent and likeable fellow, but I did feel smug that for once we'd beaten him.

Home again, and I had a quick sax practice. "Furry Face TM" sang along with me. I wish he wouldn't. I went particularly squawky at one point; my reed had split. Mind you I've had a few weeks' use out of it; I can't complain really.

I'm feeling a little better now - I suppose I really ought to show up at work tomorrow...

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