25 June 2014 (Wednesday) - Not a Good Day

"Furry Face TM" had a woofing fit at 2.30am this morning. He was barking wildly at the front door. Something must have spoooked him. Knowiing I wouldn't get back to sleep I trudged back to bed, lay down, and woke up again at 7.30am. I was well pleased with that.
Over breekkie I checked out my emails. A new geocache had gone live in Folkestone, and with half an hour the First to find had gone. To the Rear Admiral. For someone who's only recently returned to the dark side he's doing rather well at this silly game.

Being on a late start I had a little time to spare, so I took "Furry Face TM" for a walk over to Frogs Island. We played his version of "fetch" as we walked. Rather than coming home we carried on to the garage to collect my car. They'd done a wonderful job getting it ready in so short a time; it's just a shame that there was so little change out of five hundred pounds.

We drove home and I revised the monthly accounts (now rather dire), and I nearly became embroiled in a squabble on social media.
I maintain that those who quote twee platitudes about "When life gives you lemons, make lemonade" have clearly never once been given a lemon by life. In the same vein I am convinced that those who loudly brag that that one can achieve absolutely anything by hard work and determination have absolutely no idea how fortunate they have been.
Perhaps I should stop being quite so sensitive and develop a thicker skin, and stop seeing offence where none is probably intended (even if actually given).

And so with my piss boiling I set off to work. As I drove I used my newly serviced air conditioning. Very nice. Just the thing for cooling boiling piss.
I got some petrol from the cheapo-petrol shop in Ashford; it seems there's a price war. It is now is only slightly cheaper than Canterbury. I had planned a geo-target for my journey today, but an incessant stream of temporary road works along the A28 put paid to that idea.

And so to work where I didn't have the best of days. But at least with my car nearby I was able to have a saxophone practice at lunch time. Sharps and flats remain synonymous, but other than that slight detail the practicing seems to be going reasonably well. Just as well something is... these infernal nasal have swollen so much that they are rather painful.

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