9 November 2012 (Friday) - Beauty and the Beast

In a novel break with tradition "er indoors TM" was off work on one of my rostered days off. Last night we made plans, and decided to go for an early morning swim. I got up, pruned the beard, brekkied, and found she was still fast asleep. So much for swimming. Instead I brought forward phase two of the days plan. and went to Wilkos to get the makings of Christmas ale. My own is now on the go, and I have two other loads to get ready over the next couple of weeks. In retrospect I should have taken orders for job lots of Christmas ales; but I've left that too late. Maybe next year.

We gathered those of the clans who were available today, and set off on a day's outing. Driving and walking. Stopping off on the way; doing some hiking, enjoying the views. A lovely day for a spot of geocaching through Ruckinge and Bilsington. As time goes on more people have found more caches. Of the twenty-odd that we went to today there was only one that was new to all four of us. Mind you, I like re-visiting caches with people who've yet to do them. There is something about the sense of smugness that comes from watching others trying to find what you've already discovered. And for all that we did go to quite a few caches I'd not previously done, I increased my total of caches found by thirteen.
It was a really good day to be out with friends; just a shame it was so cold.

Home for a quick cuppa and a change of clothing and soon Steve and Sarah arrived. We set off to Maidstone for a spot of tea in the Muggeton Arms (which apparently is not a Wetherspoons). As we scoffed so the rest of our number arrived. Once everyone was together all eleven of us made our way to the Hazlitt theatre. The Stage Theatre Society were putting on a show. We'd seen their previous productions and they were very good. "Beauty and the Beast" was every bit as good as we'd hoped. And during the interval both Beauty and Beast posed for photos.
Much as I enjoyed the show, there's no denying that I spent quite a bit of time watching the wonder on the faces of the littluns of our party.

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