23 November 2012 (Friday) - Stuff

With my beloved out flogging candles I had something of an early night last night. And after twenty minutes I went downstairs to comfort Fudge who was crying pitifully. I must have not secured the dog-proofing as I am reliably informed that when my beloved came home Fudge was fast asleep on my bed. Can't think how that happened. It's odd that when she's home in the evenings he takes himself off to bed and doesn't make any fuss.

This morning I had a quick dose of Earth, Wind and Fire in Trap One, and then did the weekly weigh-in. The day on which I have my weekly weigh-in has become rather variable lately, but I do average a weigh-in once a week. And more weight has come off. At this rate being under thirteen stones is seeming more and more possible. Yesterday I had to drill yet another hole in my belt which is a good six inches tighter than once it was.

To work. I listened to the end of the morning's news program as I drove. Consumer groups are worried about energy costs as their experts have predicted that the government is doing something daft. Apparently government subsidies of green energy will add a hundred quid to our yearly fuel bills. The Energy Minister came on the program and was rather amazed because his experts are all of the impression that green energy will save us all a hundred quid every year. Personally I'm all for green energy; but I'm not all for increased bills.

There was also mention that there are moves afoot for Mexico to have a change of name. The country's president wants the name changed to just "Mexico" as opposed to "The United States of Mexico" which is it's real name, but is rarely (if ever) used. I suspect that Mexico only gets called The United States of Mexico by its mum when she is cross with it.

Then it was "Desert Island Discs", this time featuring the television producer John Lloyd. He's one of the brains behind much of successful telly including Spitting Image and Blackadder to name but two. Unlike many of the people on "Desert Island Discs", this bloke was witty, articulate and actually interesting. It was a shame I missed the end of the program really.

I did my bit at work and came home. Rather late. I listened to the news on the way home too. Rather worrying. With the Prime Minister not having secured as much as a rebate from the euro bill as he might have hoped,he's now playing to the crowd with teasing references to a euro-referendum. He's not daft. It will appeal to the jingoistic element. It's a vote winner. Britain will be out of the E.U. within ten years. And at war with it shortly after....

Meanwhile the mo grows apace. There's no denying that I hate the thing, but it is raising some money for a good cause. please feel free to sponsor it; in one week it is coming off.

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