4 November 2012 (Sunday) - Stowting

I had plans for this morning. For some months I'd been thinking of being at Kings Wood at 8am to go on a deer-watching session with the tree huggers. But I woke to torrential rain. Having been out for seriously long walks twice this week despite the rain I really couldn't face it a third time. So we decided to stay in and sulk about the weather.
I checked Facebook over a spot of brekkie. I see my brother's doorbell has lost its ding. I might get him a new one for Christmas. A ding, that is. Not a doorbell. And then I did the ironing. I hadn't done any for a while, so it took a little while to do.

Fudge was still limping a little this morning, and didn't eat his brekkie. I was getting rather worried when "My Boy TM" came to visit. Fudge promptly went mad, charged around the room as though nothing was wrong with his foot, devoured his brekkie, and was promptly sick.

With the ironing done Chris arrived. We drove round to Cressfield for a quick spot of geocache maintenance (one of mine was leaking), collected Lisa and drove out to Stowting for a walk. The dreadful weather of the morning had given way to a bright afternoon.
Fudge seemed to enjoy the walk - his limp seemed to have gone. We walked for a few hours round the lanes following a series of Hallowe'en themed geocaches. Very well done - and with only nine caches in the series the walk took less than two hours. We then went on to Sellindge and Smeeth for a stroll (and four more caches). There was a dodgy five minutes when "er indoors TM" reversed her car into a large rock. The sound did make me feel rather sick. But on finding that very little actual damage appeared to have been done we carried on until falling temperatures and failing light meant it was home time.
There's something vaguely depressing about it being dark by half past five.

Whilst we were out my mobile rang. "Daddies Little Angel TM" and the Rear Admiral (patent pending) had been for a walk at Folkestone Coastal Park and had come back to their car to find a parking ticket. That's thirty five quid that no one has these days. They'd parked in the same place that they park every Sunday. There were hardly any other cars around, and the ticket was timed two minutes after they'd parked. The wardens had been laying in wait for them. I've suggested they write to the council and ask where the notices about parking restrictions are, as there certainly weren't any that they could see.
Whilst I must admit I did gloat somewhat at their misfortunes (that's why there are other people in this world) I can't say I'm happy with this state of affairs. There seems to be a growth industry in ticketing cars which aren't actually doing any harm to anyone. In the meantime cars are parked near my house seriously obstructing the flow of traffic for hours and they go unpunished.

In a novel break with tradition "er indoors TM" didn't go bowling this evening. Instead we had a glass of sherry, a rather good bit of tea, and we watched some telly. Tonight was the last episode in the current series of "Downton Abbey". I do like that show. Can't wait for the Christmas special.

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