7 November 2012 (Wednesday) - This n That

I set off to work with a heavy heart this morning. It didn't help that I had a slight twinge in my back - I blame yesterday's session at the driving range for that. Mind you I expect it was more to do with a twinge of jealousy about those of my loyal readers who at the same time were on their way to a kite festival in the Canary Islands. I've sent a little geocaching trackable with them, but there's no denying that I'd rather be going with them myself.
Mind you, they have all arrived safely. Contact has been made. It will be warm in Grand Canaria. It was cold in Kent this morning. Doubly cold as I appear to have misplaced my astro club woolly hat. I'm sure it's somewhere safe, but that is no use when my head is chilly and I need the thing. I have loads of woolly hats which are all over the place in the summer, and are all missing in the winter. I wish I knew where they all went.

As I drove to work this morning the news was of the American elections. President Obama has been re-elected. I am sure that on a global scale this is of major importance, but in my rather insular frame of mind I cannot help but wonder what difference it will make to me. The radio was broadcasting his acceptance speech. How can anyone speak for so long without actually saying anything?
In the national news there are now calls for a seriously major review of British society to look into the child protection failures by which the likes of Jimmy Saville (allegedly) got to have his wicked way with small children. The chap on the radio was calling for a serious over-reaching inquiry encompassing everything which ever happened in the UK over the last thirty years. Whilst a lot happened that was wrong, a lot happened because that was the society in which we lived at the time. "Groupies" were a common phenomenon - morally wrong, but they were a sign of those times. We can learn from the mistakes of the past, but can we go back and sort them out? Hardly!
If we could I would seriously like to know how. I have one or two boo-boos of my own I'd like to go back and put right.
I did learn that it is currently British Sausage Week. - part of which is the pledge to give more thought to pork, and the pork promise. Both of which (I suspect) will turn out to be disappointments.
More importantly locally is the fact that the National Trust is buying up a large stretch of the White Cliffs. The bit they are taking on goes from the port at Dover round to the South Foreland lighthouse. It's a stretch of coastline that I walked earlier this year. April 1st as I recall. No one believed that I actually did see a small whirlwind that day. I can remember the outing vividly, if only for the fact that grand-dog Sid was eating horse poo as we went, and the most recent fruit of my loin went mental when she found out.
I'm hoping that the National Trust buying up the land will be a good thing. However I suspect one of the first things they will do will be to close off the tunnels along that stretch of coastline. Closing them would be a shame - they should make a feature of them - a tourist attraction even.
And Clive Dunn died today. He was ninety-two. I think it fair to say that most people thought he died years ago.

The mutton chops are now in shape. However despite many pledges the total actually fundraised so far leaves a lot to be desired. Please click here and give whatever you can spare. I read yesterday that most moustaches don't survive past the second week. I need a good reason to carry on looking silly (or sillier than usual).

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