20 November 2012 (Tuesday) - A Birthday

Just after I published last night's blog the caches I hid yesterday went live. Five of them had been found six times each by the time I had my brekkie this morning. Personally I don't like caching at night, but it seems that I'm in a vanishingly small minority in that respect.

"Daddies Little Angel TM" arrived with Sid and we took both dogs for a walk. Yesterday I let Fudge off the lead in a field round the back of Asda, and today we went back there to investigate the area. We found a footpath that we never knew existed which led down to Herbert Road past the Swan young farmers club. We never knew that existed either. I'm not sure what goes on in a young farmers club, but they had some sheep and goats. Whilst out I found a footbridge which was just crying out to have a geocache hidden underneath it. I might go back and put one there at some point.
On the way back we saw a new bridge was being put across the river by Asda, and it looked like a tarmac path was being built from this bridge. I wonder where that will go to?

And so home again. Whilst "Daddies Little Angel TM" wrestled with her university work I ironed shirts. Dull, but a job which wouldn't do itself. Whilst we did our chores the dogs scrapped over the fragments of a toy puppet Fudge had destroyed some time ago. For all that Fudge isn't always good with other dogs, he does seem to play well with Sid. It's only a shame that they are the two most flatulent dogs I've ever met. Oh, their bums are rank!
I then spent a few minutes tidying up the front garden. It had become something of a mess. I had a look in the back garden and gathered up the dog dung. I couldn't be bothered to do anything else there today. In previous years I've taken a lot of pride in the back garden. Now I can't be bothered.

And so round to see "My Boy TM" and Cheryl. Lacey was six years old today, and family and friends gathered. She had a decent haul of pressies, and I lay on the floor and played "Doggie Doo" with her for a while. Interestingly "Doggie Doo" is something about which I ranted a year ago. Its actually quite good fun.
And then on to Folkestone for the weekly gathering. In between exchanging insults we watched another episode of "Firefly". Good times...

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