27 November 2012 (Tuesday) - fudge (with a small "f")

Last week I laid out a series of geocaches around the Park Farm estate. This morning's haul of emails brought news that one of these caches was now waterlogged. Odd. When they went out they all had waterproof bags around them. So after a quick bit of brekkie I took Fudge for a walk so's we could put the cache right. Half an hour's walk to the cache, two minutes to sort the thing, and half an hour to walk back again. I would like to have gone to the park or some fields where Fudge could have had a run, but al the rain we've had meant that everywhere was waterlogged.

With more rain forecast we came home and I spent a rather dull day doing housework. Tidying up and sorting out. Mostly putting things into piles so that "er indoors TM" can (hopefully) deal with them later. I then did some hoovering. Or Dysoning to be more specific. And then I disassembled the Dyson, cleaned out all the dust, string and stuff clogged in its works, and Dysoned again properly. Next it was time for the laundry - washing, ironing, sorting out the smalls. Fudge took a liking to the smalls, and fell asleep on top of them. I lifted him off. He woke up, looked at me, and climbed back on.

Whilst I was busy the phone rang. "My Boy TM" was home with Lacey who'd been brought home from school with a temperature. She's got croup, and had been to the hospital with it over the weekend. No one tells me anything(!) And the insurance company phoned. The house building and contents is due for renewal. The agent wondered if I would like to renew, or go with another company on their books. This other company offered effectively the same policy for just over half the cost. That's a couple of hundred quid I could well do with.

With the day's chores done (dull!) the clans gathered at Somerset Road where we watched another episode of "Merlin"; which is really good. Matt had been cooking. Three varieties of fudge (with a small "f"). Very tasty...

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