1 November 2012 (Thursday) - Brabourne

I was rather late to bed last night. The plan was that I would be getting home from work shortly after 10.30pm. When about a mile from home my phone rang. Panic! Fudge had gone missing. So I drove to where he had last been seen to join in the search. I could see the torchlight looking for him, and I hollered his name. I could hear his collar tags rattling and sure enough within seconds he appeared. "er indoors TM" then appeared. She thought that the daft dog had somehow got trapped in a nearby garden because she could hear what she thought was him in that general direction. I had a different theory. The dog stank to high heaven. I think he'd found something foul to roll in and had been rather pre-occupied with whatever foul substance he'd been rolling in. By the time we'd eventually got home and bathed him I finally got my tea shortly after 11pm, and eventually crawled into my pit at half past midnight.

I lay awake for much of the night listening to the rain on the window. And wryly comparing it to was had been forecast. I got up, brekkied, and "Daddies Little Angel TM" soon arrived, as did Lisa. Despite the weather we set off to Brabourne. We have noticed that organised walks of geocaches are things which seem to be a long way away. There aren't that many locally. Lisa had a plan to set up a series, I'd offered to help, and "Daddies Little Angel TM" came along for the walk. Today was the first sortie - working out a circular route. We found a starting place, and started walking. After half a mile we realised we'd taken a wrong turn. And then the rain started again.
It was as well we'd got our waterproofs on. It was damp and the mud was deep. But our spirits were high, and we pressed on. Despite getting a poke off of the electric fence. Some of us pressed on more than others: Sid gave up at one point, sat himself in the middle of a ploughed field and refused to go any further. Fudge discovered the art of clambering through hedges and got himself onto roads a couple of times; that was worrying. Fudge also got himself onto a log floating in a pond which then promptly sank under his weight. That was rather entertaining.
But we achieved what we'd set out to do. A route was found along which a series of caches can be hidden. And we even slipped in a church micro for fun.

After four hours we found ourselves back where we'd started. We wrapped both dogs in towels and came home. "Daddies Little Angel TM" treated her old Dad to KFC and after a quick bit of "Bottom" on the DVD we went over some of her essays. A shame that two hours later we managed to lose all of the work we'd done...

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