2 November 2012 (Friday) - Stuff

I had a really good day yesterday but by the time the evening came I was feeling exhausted. I had the option of going to Folkestone with friends in the evening but I knew I would wilt if I went. So "er indoors TM" set off and I stayed at home. I watched Aeon Flux; a film I'd put on to the Sky Plus box a while ago. It was watchable but had quite a few plot holes. For example how can someone who's only just excaped form the chokey suddenly be weilding automatic firearms?
I found myself nodding off at 9am, and so decided that an early night would be a good idea. It turned out that I didn't get quite the early night I had hoped for; I would have if little Fudge hadn't kept barking. Ignoring his woofing was difficult, but he eventually quietened and I was soon asleep.

Perhaps I should have forced myself to stay awake; I had an early night but then found myself wide awake at 2.30am. I dozed fitfully on and off until 5.30am when I got up to find that Fudge had disgraced himself on the kitchen floor. "er indoors TM" had let him out last night when she'd come home, so he had no excuse really.
I wonder what that poop was all about. I can only imagine it was a protest as he hadn't wanted an early night last night.

This morning was cold. As I drove to Canterbury I saw that there was frost on the fields. I noticed berries on holly yesterday - another sign of winter. Which reminds me that I should shut the fish pond down for the winter.
The news on the radio was alive with the latest scandal about how last years' school exams had been marked. Apparently these days a lot of the children's exam results depends on the coursework that they do. As does the school's standing in league tables, and even the teachers' jobs. And this coursework is assessed by these very teachers working in these very schools.
The allegation has been made that course work is marked to generously by the teachers because it is in their interests to do so. It may well have been marked too generously. It might not have been. I don't know. But what twit devised a scheme with such a blatant conflict of interests?

As I drove home I heard that Freddie Starr had been arrested, subsequently released, and then recalled by the police following allegations of something that supposedly happened over twenty years ago. If he's guilty of molesting small girls then he should face the wrath of the law. If he's innocent then how is he supposed to remember details of an innocent incident from two decades ago.
How can justice be delivered from such a long remove in time? Not that the public wants justice at the moment. With the media having whipped up a mass hysteria over the entire Jimmy Saville debacle, what with Jim being safely dead the public want a scapegoat. I wonder if Freddie has been set up to be just0 that...?

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