30 November 2012 (Friday) - Having a Shave...

Regular readers of this drivel will know that I suffer from chronic insomnia. To solve that problem I have downloaded a sleep management app to my SmartPhone. I'm still rather vague as to the specifics of how I can manage my sleep using a telephone. But if I can communicate, play games and go geocaching with the gadget, then having a bit of a kip surely can't be that difficult

I checked my emails - I'm in the money(!) Regular readers of this drivel may recall that in February I went for a walk round Shadoxhurst. I put the details of the route I'd taken onto happy wanderer dot com, and anyone who wanted to go on that walk could pay a modest fee to download the route. And from that modest fee I would get some commission.
Over the summer people did pay a fee and download that route several times. And now I've got my commission. Fourteen pence. I have this money as credit in my account, and I can trade the credit for hard cash when I get to having a balance which is over ten quid.
I can either publish one or two more routes to maximise the income, or I can give up on the idea as a silly waste of time. I think I might publish some of the geocaching walks I've recently done. After all I would like to get some money out of this scheme before I retire.

It's official. Winter has arrived. For the first time since last winter I found my car covered in frost and ice this morning. It was nothing that pouring a bottle of tepid water over it couldn't shift, but it still added five minutes to the morning's chores nonetheless. As always when it's frosty I met up with the neighbour who delights in standing over me tutting at my bottle of tepid water. He is convinced that it is not tepid; that it is hot. And he is also convinced that being hot it will shatter the windscreen. He doesn't seem to realise that we've had this conversation several times every week, every winter for the last ten or so years.

Every time that the cars are iced over, I find myself going through the same old routine. I come to my car, having found him already out in the cold, scratching ice from his car. I chuck cold water over my car and it is clear. He whinges on at me, and I drive away. Leaving him still scratching ice. I can only think that he must love standing in the cold scraping ice from his car.

As I shivered on the way to work I listened to the radio. Regular readers of this drivel will kow that I have often ranted about an uncontrolled media. It would seem that the Leveson enquiry is calling for regulation of the press. As well it might. The Prime Minister is apparently against the idea, but in a novel break with tradition the Dribbling Democraps are showing a bit of backbone and are standing up against him. The opposition are also against the Prime Minister, and are threatening to call for a vote on the matter. WIth the Dribblers in revolt, the opposition might win.

Personally I think they are right to call for such a vote, but a cynical part of myself wonders if they want a vote for the right reasons. Do they honestly want a properly regulated media, or do they just want to embarrass the Prime Minister?

Being the last Friday of the month I left work early and set off to astro club. That club goes from strength to strength. Stevey gave tonight's talk. Brilliant. Excellent talks, clear skies for viewing, good time with good friends. But I left a little early to come home for a shave.

And in closing, that's it for the face fur for another year. So far the sponsorship has passed the hundred quid mark. The thing has now been shaved off, but I believe it's still not too late to hand over dosh. Please feel free to sponsor it; and next year you might want to sponsor it again.....

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