11 November 2012 (Sunday) - The Otham Ramble

I had my orders last night. "My Boy TM" had instructed me to get his various foul fishing baits out of the freezer and put them in the bath to defrost so he could collect the quietly this morning at 7.30am. I love the first fruit of my loin dearly, and will not hear a word said against him. But there is no denying that "quietly" is not one of his more developed skills.
Sure enough he came home with the full force of an atom bomb at 7.45am. I'm sure my loyal readers in America and the Far East heard him.

We got up, dressed, had brekkie, and got ready for the off. Fudge was getting over-excited as he does when he knows we are going out. And then (for Fudge) it all went terribly wrong.
On the last few walks we've done Fudge has got very wet. And very cold. By the time we got back to the car on our last half-dozen walks he's been shivering. So yesterday we bought him a coat. I thought it was a nice coat. Fudge didn't. It was clear that he hated it. He stopped jumping about. All the excitement left him. Normally at walkies time he bolts to the door. This time he looked at the open door with disdain, and wasn't interested in going out. He had to be dragged.
And once in the car, rather than being his usual excitable self, he sat on my lap pretty much motionless. If ever a dog exuded an aura of sulkiness Fudge certainly did this morning. Rather than greeting the rest of our group with mad-keen enthusiasm (as would be usual) he looked up, then went back to his sulk.

We made our way to Otham and having parked the car we set off on a little stroll. The Otham Ramble is a guided walk of twenty geocaches along a seven mile circular route. Fields and bridges, footpaths and woods, lanes and roads. It exemplifies what I like about geocaching; it's a guided walk around some beautiful countryside where I would never have gone. We had a wonderful time on a bright November day. It was a bit damp underfoot; positively swampy in places, but it was a good day to be out. We saw hot air balloons and biplanes. As the day went on the temperatures rose, and we even took Fudge's coat off. He liked that, and promptly set off in pursuit of a fox he'd seen.
As well as the seven mile ramble we took a little detour to fit in a Church micro. We stopped off at the seventh cache on the route for lunch. For all that we are in mid-November it was a glorious day. So much so that as I sat in front of the telly in the evening my face was glowing: I caught the sun.

If any of my loyal readers are wondering about this whole geocaching lark, or just want a walk with some rather spectacular scenery, the Otham Ramble would be the ideal thing. And, as always, there are photos of the outing on-line.

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