3 November 2012 (Saturday) - Fireworks

A change to my normal routine this morning. No shave. I've been persuaded to do "Mo-Vember" with a couple of colleagues. I quite liked the mutton chops I grew a couple of years ago. Last November wasn't really a good time for me, but this year I quite fancy having another go. There's no denying that I quite like the morning shave - I always shave, even when camping. I shall miss it, but in my new mind-set of austerity I'm looking on it as another economy. I spent much of the day conscious of the fact that I hadn't shaved. The itching will pass after a few days.
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We then set off for a little outing. Fudge needed a walk, and there were some geocaches in a nearby wood that weren't going to look for themselves. We met up with Chris and The Hurks, and had a pleasant couple of hours wandering about. We lost Fudge twice. Once he managed to get himself stuck in someone's garden, and once he managed to hurt his foot. It was bleeding rather more than I would like to have seen. I carried him for a bit, and then tried to get him to walk. He wouldn't. I was worried. After a while he seemed to want to get down, and immediately ran up to another dog to play. Then he saw a squirrel, and it was as though there was never anything wrong with that foot.

And then round to Sarah and Steve's for the evening for the evening for fireworks. A wonderful time with lots of friends. The time flew past too fast. We had a wonderful time, and despite coming up the back passage to find that Steve was having problems with his sausage the evening flew past too fast. I suspect that could have had something to do with the success that was my attempt at banana beer (hic!)

We came hone to find that Fudge's limp had got worse. I hope he's OK....

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