16 November 2012 (Friday) - Busy

My phone rang at 7am this morning. Usually i would have been out of bed a couple of hours before then, but today I wasn't. It was my brother. He's splitting up with his girlfriend of the last ten (or more) years. A great shame - I just wish there was something I could say or do to make it all better. But of course there isn't.
"My Boy TM" came to visit and told of a funeral he is attending next week for a friend who committed suicide. I was feeling profoundly depressed when I took Fudge for a walk.

With nothing much on the agenda for this morning I took Fudge for a little walk. Past the International station, up past the rugby club, Simone Weil Avenue to the Cows roundabout and home via Chart Road, Viccy Park and Bowensfield. A pleasant way to spend a couple of hours. Once home, over a spot of lunch I watched the docu-drama I'd recorded from UK Gold about the early days of Morcambe and Wise. I quite liked it.
I then got busy in the kitchen. The five gallons of stout I'd started fermenting last week needed putting into a barrel, and five more gallons of best bitter needed kicking off. Whilst beer went from bucket to barrel and from ingredients to bucket I got laundry done as well. I was quite busy for a few hours.

With chores done I had planned to iron shirts. But I sat down for five minutes and with Fudge having fallen asleep on my lap I didn't have the heart to move him. So I watched the last episode of "The Stand" which I'd recorded from the Horror Channel. A televisation of the Stephen King book - it didn't work. It was rather like the Harry Potter films in that you needed to have read the book to understand what was happening in the program. And now having seen the last episode I realise that I have wasted eight hours of my life.

There was talk of going to Folkestone this evening, but what with "er indoors TM" not finishing at work until late we would have been setting off to Folkestone about the sort of time we should really have been coming home. So we knocked that idea on the head. Which was a shame. Whilst waiting for her to come home I watched Star Trek on the SyFy channel. Before the program started there was a warning that the program dealt with adult themes and emotions. What was that all about?
And with "er indoors TM" home we had fish n chips (oh yes!) and watched telly. All the time conscious that I am working all weekend...

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